Taking the next step: Where do we put all this stuff?


I bought my condo about two years ago. For a single girl, 2.5 bedrooms and 1,300 sq. ft. was more than enough room. So much so, that I could hardly afford all the furniture it would take to fill the space.

Then about a year ago, I met someone. Recently, we made the decision to move him in. I was surprised to see how quickly the space filled up. First the drawers, then the closets, then the basement storage unit.

And after all that, there was still all this stuff that had no place in the apartment. But knowing that we would eventually move into a larger home, we didn’t want to get rid of the extra furniture, rugs, chairs and bookcases. So we thought about renting a self storage unit.

Here are some of the questions we asked ourselves when considering self storage:

  1. Which is more cost-effective: paying the storage unit rental fee for two years, or buying all the same furniture again in a few years?
  2. Can the stuff we would put into self storage be easily replaced or is it one-of-a-kind?
  3. Would we ever want to occasionally use any of the furniture or other items anytime within the next few years?
  4. Besides the extra furniture, are there other items that we are currently storing in the condo that would be better stored in a self storage facility?

And after taking all those questions into consideration, we decided that renting a self storage facility would be our best option.

What questions did you consider when choosing to rent a self storage facility? Post your thoughts here…


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