The Lock Up: A Safe Harbor for Customers


Sometimes in life, situations arise that require your full attention. Whether it’s a cross country move for a new job, a child going off to college, or the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to be bothered with is managing the material things in life. Yet, we all have lots of stuff in our homes and offices that needs to go somewhere when change erupts. Rather than letting all that stuff stress you out, remember that The Lock Up Self Storage is there for you when your mind is elsewhere. The staff in every location is ready and willing to help make the big transitions of life easier and less overwhelming.

Take, for example, what happened to Sandy, a long time Lock Up customer. After her grandmother passed away, she not only had to cope with her grief, she also found herself having to deal with the contents of her grandmother’s home when it sold. Suddenly there was a house filled with belongings that needed to be cleared out. “She lived a long and wonderful life and has the stuff to prove it,” said Sandy. She turned to The Lock Up for a safe and secure place to store the contents of her grandmother’s home. Sandy explained that “just being able to have somewhere to bring it gave me the time to go through her things and not see everything go right away.” That small luxury provided a welcome relief during a tumultuous time in Sandy’s life.

Once a tenant moves items into a Lock Up Self Storage facility, they have a private and safe location to sort and organize their belongings. Motion sensor cameras and keypad entry ensure that visits to any Lock Up unit are intruder proofed, allowing tenants to take their time while going through the contents in their unit. Sandy was able to sift through her grandmother’s belongings at her leisure, knowing that she would not be interrupted. This allowed her to decide which items were worth keeping and which items she would sell. Here is yet another way that The Lock Up can help you during big life transitions. Most people don’t feel comfortable having strangers show up at their homes, and lugging a piece of furniture to a public space like a coffee house is not exactly an option. “When it’s time to sell some of the things, Lock Up is wonderful because it provides me a sort of a neutral place where buyers can come and it’s very secure,” said Sandy. When having a potential customer meet you at a Lock Up facility, it’s nice to know that in addition to all of the security measures, there are also staff members on site.

From providing a safe harbor for the stuff that emerges out of big life changes, to serving as a safe space to meet people who are interested in buying the items that you decide to sell, The Lock Up Self Storage is dedicated to helping you to manage your belongings so that you can focus on the important things.

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