The Lock Up Can Help You Keep a Surprise Party Secret


Surprise parties are almost as fun to give as they are to receive. There’s the excitement of planning where and when the party will be, then you also get to shop and procure all the goodies for the festivities. The one thing that must be kept in mind throughout all of this is that it’s a secret and you want to make sure the recipient is none the wiser until the moment everyone yells, “Surprise!!” This is easier to accomplish if you don’t live with the recipient. But what do you do if you’re planning a surprise party for a spouse or roommate? Turn to your Lock Up Self Storage unit, that’s what.

A good party needs the right atmosphere. If you’re lucky and the weather is nice, the party can be outside, under the stars. It takes a bit of prep to get a backyard or park area set up right for a party. You’ll need tables and chairs that can go outside. These can be rented from party rental businesses. They will deliver, but you can’t have them delivered to your home or your secret is blown. Have deliveries sent to your Lock Up Self Storage unit. The manager on duty will accept deliveries on your behalf so that you don’t even have to worry about having to be around to intercept them…not to mention, how in the world could you hide such items in your home anyway? The Lock Up is the perfect solution.

You can even store the decorations, party favors and any non perishable cans or bottles (ie all the fixings for the bartender). And if your recipient is lucky, on top of a great party, you might have a gift or two for them. Be sure to store those in your storage unit as well.

Have you ever used your Lock Up Self Storage unit to hide away a surprise for your loved one? Tell us about it here!

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