The Lock Up Self Storage Units Make Home Renovations Easier


You can tell that summer is on the way because of all the construction happening around town. It’s safe to say that when the weather gets good, the work begins. It’s no different in your home. Spring and summer are the prime renovating times. When you’ve decided to take on home improvement projects on your own, you inevitably find yourself in the position of having to store the supplies while you find time to do the work.

Often we end up buying materials when they’re on sale and not right when we’re ready to do the job. Don’t pass up a great deal on home renovation materials just because you won’t do the job that weekend. Pick up what you need and then run it right over to your Lock Up Self Storage unit. It will be safe and, more importantly, out of your way. And, if you’re a new tenant to The Lock Up, you can use a complimentary moving truck to make your move in that much easier.

Common building supplies for home renovations include items such as large plywood boards, drywall, 2×4 boards, boxes of tiles, stacks of bricks, windows or doors to install, pipes and flooring materials such as hardwood. These are bulky items that take up a lot of space. Living with remodeling is tough enough, don’t exacerbate the stress of the situation by living in clutter before you’ve even begun the work.

When you’re ready to do the job, you’ll probably have to clear a bunch of stuff out of the room you’re working on, but don’t just make a mess in another part of your home…load it into your car and bring it to your Lock Up Self Storage unit. Once you drop off that load, you’ll be ready to bring home the materials needed to get started on your home upgrade.

Don’t forget that The Lock Up will also receive deliveries for you. So, when you’re shopping online and find that perfect bathroom sink, have it shipped directly to your Lock Up Self Storage unit. It will be waiting there for you when you’re ready to install it.

Call 877.327.LOCK to find a Lock Up Self Storage facility near you.

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  1. Smart idea. As long as you’ve planned ahead for your renovation and know what materials that you need this is a good way to store those materials until you are ready to use them.


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