The Lock Up’s Chicago Wine Cellar


Do you enjoy wine? Have you thought about how nice it would be to collect fine wines, but held off because you don’t have a way to properly store bottles of wine? Well, hold off no longer. The Lock Up Self Storage in the River North neighborhood of Chicago has an affordable solution in their state of the art wine storage facility. And recently, they had a virtual tour created by Google, allowing you to experience the wine cellar for yourself before you go.

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Use your mouse to click and drag to look around the space. Click the white arrows to move through the room and into one of the wine storage rooms on the left.

The elevator doors open onto a lovely room featuring a large wooden table and chairs. This is not your typical self storage facility. You truly feel like you could be in the cellar on a real vineyard. The front room is a great place to meet wine vendors, or even meet with some friends to sample a bottle from your collection before you go out for a nice meal at one of the many local restaurants within walking distance of The Lock Up.

Located on the lower level of the Lock Up facility, this wine cellar boasts beautiful amenities meant to enhance your wine storage experience but also ensure that your wine is stored with the utmost attention to the details that matter. For example, the while the wooden shutters look nice, they also serve a dual purpose. The shutters are angled down which not only creates privacy for each client’s wine collection, but this also diverts light away from the bottles, which is necessary to prevent wines from spoiling and becoming “light struck”. In addition, the lighting in the storage area is motion sensitive so that they only turn on when necessary.

While the appearance of the wine storage units is definitely impressive, no expense has been spared to provide the technology necessary for optimal wine storage conditions. The Lock Up has dedicated refrigeration equipment specifically for the wine cellar. This enables the wine storage area to be kept at a consistent, year round temperature of 55 degrees. In addition, there are advanced humidity control systems that ensure humidity levels stay between 60-70%. And in case you need it, documentation of these precise conditions can be acquired in the main office.

The wine storage units at The Lock Up Self Storage are designed to accommodate any number of bottles from personal collections up to the largest restaurant inventories. You can even have The Lock Up receive deliveries of wines from around the world. So now you have no excuse to start that fine wine collection. Just call or go to The Lock Up Self Storage in River North. You won’t be disappointed.

To get your fine wine collection started, call The Lock Up Self Storage in River North at (312) 464-1900 or visit the friendly and knowledgeable staff located at: 350 West Kinzie Street  in Chicago, IL.


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