The Lock Up’s Wine Storage Cellars


At The Lock Up Wine Cellar storage facilities, we strive to provide each of our customers with the highest level of service and amenities available in our industry. Each wine cellar is staffed with trained, full-time wine storage professionals who are available to assist you in any way. Our special wine storage facilities are located at the following locations:

Whether you are a wine collector, investor, or restaurant owner, safeguarding your investment by keeping your wine in a temperature controlled environment is key.  The Lock Up’s state-of-the-art wine storage units are designed to accommodate any size wine storage need—from small personal collections to large restaurant inventories. In addition, The Lock Up Wine Cellars offer convenient and flexible business hours as well as on-site parking/ loading.

Experts agree that absolute control of the environment is critical for proper wine storage. Temperature extremes can alter your wine’s aroma and flavor. As a result, The Lock Up Wine storage facilities utilize refrigeration equipment designed to ensure a constant year round temperature of 55 degrees. With relative humidity levels of 60-70% The Lock Up Wine Cellars have perfect storage conditions dialed in. For the safety of your collection, our modern refrigeration equipment is completely separate from the main storage facility’s heating and cooling systems.


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