Three Steps for Safer Winter Sidewalks


Freezing temperatures, snow, sleet and ice can make for a huge mess outside your front door. It’s best to tackle these elements as soon as they happen. If you don’t shovel during or soon after a snowstorm, the weight of snow can make it much more difficult. Don’t let an excuse such as, “The snow shovel is in the garage” keep you from dealing with the elements. Here’s a game plan that will keep your sidewalks clear and you safe from slipping on ice.

  • Keep your snow shovel just outside your door.
    They sell decorative exterior hooks for homes and these are ideal for hanging your snow shovel on during the winter months. Nothing is worse than having to force your door open when there are inches of snow on the ground and then having to trudge through it just to get your shovel. Having your shovel available at your door allows you to just reach outside and get to shoveling. Your stairs and sidewalk will be clear before you know it!
  • Keep sidewalk salt inside a plastic cereal container by your door.
    A big yellow bag of sidewalk salt is both ugly and unwieldy. A plastic cereal container is easy to carry and has a lid that flips open. Pour your salt into one of these containers and salting your walkways will be a breeze.
  • Keep a little surplus gasoline in a gas container for your snowblower.
    Nothing is worse than having a snowblower and not being able to use it because you ran out of gas! If the snowstorm was bad enough, you may not even be able to get your car out of the garage in order to get to a gas station without a huge shoveling job. Keeping a little surplus will ensure that you will be able to at least clear the way for your car.

Following these three simple steps will ensure that stepping outside your door during winter will be a pleasure.

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