Top Five Ways The Lock Up Helps Musicians


Being a musician requires that you have instruments and all the accoutrements associated with making sweet music. Oftentimes there simply isn’t enough space in a musician’s living quarters for all their gear. Never fear, The Lock Up is there to help. Here are five reasons to get a Lock Up Self Storage unit for your musical gear:

  1. Each and every Lock Up Self Storage facility provides the relief of a totally secure place to store precious gear. For any musician, ensuring that your gear is safe and secure is a top priority. Collecting all of the right pedals, microphones and guitars takes not only time, but money as well; and any seasoned musician knows the sorrow associated with losing any one of said items. Storing gear in a Lock Up Self Storage facility between gigs is a great way to ensure that it is safe and sound.
  2. Many Lock Up Self Storage facilities have indoor loading docks that are completely out of the elements. This is really helpful to musicians who are constantly loading their gear in and out for shows. Even in Chicago’s infamous weather, a musician using a Lock Up Self Storage indoor loading dock can rest assured that their instruments won’t get pelted by rain, sleet, snow or hail.
  3. Climate controlled storage units are the perfect place to store musical instruments. Storing your gear in a climate controlled Lock Up storage unit will protect even the most sensitive electronics such as amps, keyboards and pedals from extreme temperature fluctuations and damaging moisture.
  4. Not every musician has room in his or her apartment for all the musical gear that they own…especially if you’re a drummer. The Lock Up has storage units ranging from 5’x5’ up to 10’x30’ so you can pick the size unit that’s tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a one man band, or a full fledged orchestra, The Lock Up has a storage solution right for your down times between gigs.
  5. These days, one of the best ways for a band to make money is through merchandise. Unfortunately, to get a good deal on t-shirts, hats and CD’s, it’s usually best to buy in bulk. But, where in the world do you store boxes filled with thousands of units of band merch? In a Lock Up Self Storage unit, that’s where! Why get on your roommate’s bad side by filling up your dining room with boxes when you can store them in a Lock Up unit where they’re safe and secure?

If you and your band need a place to store instruments, electronics or band merchandise, let the Lock Up help you out. There are over 30 convenient locations in 8 states across the US.

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