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Clothes Storage

Rolled t-shirtDespite the fact that we’re approaching the home stretch of winter, the thought of escaping to a warmer climate can be all consuming. Conversely, if you live in a warmer part of the country, you may be longing to experience a “true” winter: brisk air and snow crunching under your feet. Whichever grass is greener to you, The Lock Up Self Storage has some handy traveling packing hacks to keep traveling to your destination easy breezy.

  • Cardinal Rule of Packing: Roll, don’t fold.
    Rolling your clothes not only saves space, it also helps to prevent creases in your clothes…win, win!
  • Don’t break the make-up
    Use cotton balls and pads in your powdered make up compacts to keep them from cracking during your travels. Who wants to coat everything in their carry on in “Bronze Goddess” blush? This will save you from such a travesty.
  • Accessories for days
    You’ve planned your outfits for each day, so why not make sure you have the accompanying accessories? Use an extra large weekly pill box to gather the jewelry you’ll wear for each outfit.
  • Nix liquid spills
    Prevent liquids from spilling and making a gooey mess in your bag with this useful hack: remove the lid, place a piece of plastic wrap over the top and screw the lid back on over the wrap. Presto! No more shampoo soaked socks! Yay!
  • One for the guys
    Keep the collar of your button up dress shirts looking good so you can be a dapper dan by placing your rolled up belt inside your collar. You’re welcome!
  • Showercaps for your feet
    Who wants to put dirty shoes in with clean clothes? Use those old showercaps to wrap around your shoes. This will keep your shoes together, and their dirty soles off your clean camisoles.

We hope these hacks help you while packing for your trip. Also, can we come with?

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