Water Damage Life Hacks pt 3: Electronics

Cell Phone in Water

cell-phone-in-waterThe Lock Up Self Storage provides climate controlled self storage units that are the perfect environment to store sensitive items like electronics. However, we understand there are some electronic devices that simply can’t get stored either because you use them in your home, such as stereo or tv equipment, or because you keep them at your side at all times, like your cell phone. In the event that your electronics get wet, we’ve collected some life hacks to help you keep your electronics working, even if they’ve been submerged.

We all know water and electricity don’t play well together. Often such a combo means utter destruction, but that’s not always the case. So when an electronic gadget gets wet, whether from a flood, or dropping it into liquid, there are a few things you’ll want to do to try to salvage it before declaring it a lost cause.

  • Safety First. If you’ve got live (meaning plugged in) electronics sitting in standing water, do not walk in the water! Find a way to cut power to the electronic first, either by pulling the plug or shutting down the electrical breaker.
  • Get the item out of the water. Act fast and you’ll have less chance for the water to completely ruin your device.
  • Dry your item off. Do this as best you can. If you have alcohol wipes, they help because the alcohol helps to expedite the evaporation process. A good technique for small areas that you can see have water in them is to dip a q-tip into isopropyl alcohol and dab onto the area.
  • Remove power source. And whatever you do…do NOT power on your device. Any electrical current that travels within the device is a risk for shorting out its circuits and potentially destroying the device for good. It is a good idea to try to let the device dry out for a minimum of 24 hours before attempting to power it up.
  • If it’s a small device like a cell phone or ipod, place the entire item into a sealable plastic bag filled with dry white rice. The rice will act as a sponge, drawing out and absorbing leftover moisture from the device. Be sure to completely submerge the item in the rice. If you have some of those desiccant packs (like what come in some vitamins or even electronics), throw them in there as well.
  • For larger items, like tvs, or stereo systems, you can attempt to open the outer casings in order to be able to dry the interior more quickly. Be careful to remember how to put the item back together and save any small screws that need to be removed. Placing a fan nearby to gently create air circulation around the item will help to evaporate dampness more quickly.

Any time an electronic device gets wet, there’s the strong possibility that it cannot be saved, but these tips are your best line of defense in the event that your electronics get soaked.

Do you have other tips for saving electronics? Share them with us here!

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