Wine Storage Advice?


Purchasing wine is an investment; and, just like any investment, you must protect it. Unfortunately doing so is not as easy as placing a crate or two in your basement. To maintain the quality and value of your wine, it must be properly stored. A simple fluctuation in temperature or the wrong lighting can ruin your wine, leaving you with a commodity that is no more valuable than vinegar.

Whether you are simply collecting wine as a hobby or you are restaurateur in need of a large storage facility, a few simple wine storage tips can help protect your investment

Wine Self Storage Tips

  • Temperature: The ideal temperature for storing wine is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This constant temperature encourages positive chemical reactions within the wine, which aid the aging process
  • Humidity: The relative humidity levels of your wine’s storage facility should be around 60-70%. This prevents the corks from becoming distorted or drying out.
  • Lighting: Wine should be stored away from harmful UV rays. Direct UV lighting can create unstable reactions within the compounds of the wine.
  • Storing: Wine bottles should be kept on their side; this prevents the cork from drying out. Bottles should also be stored in areas that are free of vibrations which could disturb the delicate sediments.
  • Environment: The cork in a wine bottle does not provide a complete seal. The wine actually “breathes” through the cork. This is why it is important to maintain a closed environment, one that is free off exposure to smells and odors.

Benefits of a Wine Storage Facility

With so many factors that can alter your wine and spoil your investment, it is wise to choose an offsite wine storage facility. These units are carefully monitored and controlled, ensuring that outside factors play no part in affecting the wine. The facilities also offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your investment is locked away in a secure environment.

Read more storage tips from The Lock Up. If you’re ready to store your wine, look for a climate-controlled wine self storage facility near you.


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