Winter Travel Peace of Mind


When the temperature plummets and we are immersed in a frozen tundra, thoughts of warm sunny beaches may convince us it’s time to take a vacation. If you’re lucky enough to be able to take time off, or if your work calls for traveling to a warmer clime, we would like to let you know that The Lock Up Self Storage can help you even while you’re out on the road. Having a climate controlled self storage unit can bring peace of mind both at home and at your destination.

Traveling can leave your home vulnerable, even if you have a friend coming in to check on things while you’re away. Sure, setting timers for the lights and having a security system will help to deter potential burglars from picking your house. But we believe that totally removing your prized possessions or valuable items from your home and placing them in a self storage unit is an even better bet. A burglar can’t burgle what’s not there, right?

Leases for storage units with The Lock Up are month to month, so you can have it for as long as you need it. We have climate controlled storage units as small as 5’x5’ that can hold basic things like important paperwork and some electronics. And of course, there are larger units if you need them. Our facilities have security monitoring and electronic code entry so your items are protected in a multitude of ways.

Another perk of having a self storage unit at The Lock Up is that you can have items shipped directly to the facility and received by the manager. We advise that you coordinate with the main office before doing so just to avoid any confusion. This is a great aspect of having a Lock Up storage unit for two reasons. One: you can have items delivered to us while you’re out traveling instead of having them sit on your porch until your friend comes to check on the house. And two: if you’re heading to a destination for the winter, you can lease a Lock Up self storage unit at your destination and have items shipped there so that they’ll be waiting for you upon your arrival.

Are you dreaming of becoming a snowbird during the winter? Let us help! Visit and secure your peace of mind storage unit today!