Your Friendly Neighborhood Lock Up Self Storage Facility


Everyone knows that moving is a stressful occasion. Having to pack up your belongings and transition from one phase into another can be quite daunting. Planning a large move, or even simply rearranging your belongings can pose a threat to your status quo. The friendly managers and staff at the thirty Lock Up Self Storage facilities across the country can offer you a safe harbor in times of change.

“Moving is stressful. Our job is to make it less stressful on our end,” says Peder, the manager of the Plymouth, Minnesota Lock Up. Whether it is offering packing solutions, providing a free move in truck for new tenants, or even lending a helping hand on site, the managers of all The Lock Up facilities make their tenants a priority.

While touring the Lock Up Self Storage locations within Illinois, I had the opportunity to meet the managers and some of the tenants of The Lock Up. What struck me the most was how personable the on site staff were. Most managers knew many of their customers by name and on more than one occasion I watched them help out their customers. For example, I overheard one manager recommending a space that was going to be empty soon because they knew that their client wanted more space. And at another location, I was told by a customer that the manager had introduced them to another tenant and that they began doing business together. Instances like this are what create the outstanding customer service that The Lock Up Self Storage provides.

Aside from the clean, safe and secure units and facility, The Lock Up Self Storage is a place that you can turn to when your life is in upheaval. You can rest assured that your belongings are safe, but you can also be reassured that the people that are taking care of your belongings also have your best interests in mind. Managers will receive packages for you, provide storage tips and work with you to make sure that your experience storing your belongings is the very best experience possible.

For more information and to find a Lock Up Self Storage facility near you, visit or call 877.618.8880


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