Appreciate Your Vintage Toy Collection in a Self Storage Facility


For some, a passion for vintage toys is discovered when they inherit them from their grandparents, for others, certain toys remind them of their youth and a quest is born.  Whatever the reason, a desire to collect vintage or antique toys is a fun and quite often lucrative pastime.

As any serious toy aficionado will tell you, one of the cardinal rules of vintage toy collecting is that any worthy toy be stored properly so that it will stay in prime condition for years to come.  Protection from UV rays, a climate controlled space and good security are imperative if you want to ensure that a vintage toy collection appreciates in value.  A climate controlled Lock Up Storage facility is the perfect environment to store your classic cast iron fire engine, your toy atom rocket or your Grandma’s hobby horse.

Be sure to retain any of the original packaging intact if possible.  Not only will this protect the toy from wear and tear, but it definitely enhances the worth of the toy if and when you decide to sell it.  Whether the toy is in its original packaging or not, it’s a good idea to store your toys in blister packs.  This provides extra protection from aforementioned conditions.

By choosing a Lock Up Self Storage facility, you can be sure to have a weather protected loading bay to keep you safe and comfortable while transporting your toys.  Additionally, you can buy items and have them delivered directly to your unit.  The Lock Up Self Storage does not charge extra for receiving your deliveries.

So, the next time the Antiques Roadshow rolls into town, you will be confident that the toys you bring in for appraisal will fetch the highest possible price because you stored your beloved toys in a Lock Up Self Storage unit.

For more information on the Lock Up Self Storage facility that best suits your vintage toy collection needs, call 866-327-LOCK.


  1. This advice applies not only to vintage toys, but collectors edition toys as well. Star Wars action figures, rare collectibles, and even certain new children’s toys (remember Tickle Me Elmo?) are worth storing properly.


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