Attn: Chicago – Winter is Coming!


My dad has two cars. And it’s not what you might think. He doesn’t have two cars because we’re rich or anything like that. He’s your typical blue collar, hard working Chicagoan. My dad has two cars because he needs one for summer and one for winter.

When it’s summer in Chicagoland, it makes perfect sense to drive a compact, sporty car. Everyone in the city ┬áis out and about, and sporty cars can easily weave through traffic, and compact cars are easier to park. But Chicago winters can be extremely unforgiving, and you’ll need a vehicle with a little more substance unless you want to spend your winter spinning your wheels and digging yourself out of a plowed-in Chicago alleyway.

So what do you do with your off-season vehicle? Consider putting it in a self storage facility. Self storage provides the space, safety and protection your summer or winter baby needs. In the winter, you can choose an indoor storage unit, to protect your sportster or Harley from the cold, sleet and salt. You can even choose a climate-controlled storage space if you have a luxury vehicle like a Porsche or Ferrari. In the summer, you’ll probably be fine with an outdoor storage space. And of course, you can access your vehicle anytime should we have one of those weird Chicago 80-degree December days, or 40-degree August days.

So get ready, Chicago, winter is fast-approaching. Check out this post on how to store your summer toys and take advantage of The Lock Up’s 20% per month discount at their Kedzie, Lincolnwood, Northbrook, Schaumburg and Lisle locations.

Do you have any summer or winter car horror or success stories? Share them here…


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