Back To School Life Hacks


back-to-school-xsThe Lock Up is in the business of helping people. We provide self storage so that the stuff of life can be manageable, but we also like to provide tips and tricks to our readers that can help make everyday life a little easier. Now that the school year has begun, we figured we’d offer up a few back to school life hacks that you parents can share with your kids so that they’ll think you’re the coolest. OK, well…at least they might appreciate the help.

  • Save The Textbooks
    Since plastic bags are not used in most grocery stores anymore, many of us have an abundance of brown paper bags. These are great for kids to use as book covers to protect their books, not to mention providing a place for them to doodle instead of on the pages! Simply cut the handles and the bottom of the bag off, then cut down one of the sides so you’re left with a rectangular piece of brown paper bag. Lay the bag on a table with the writing face up. Place the book you want to cover in the middle and fold the top and bottom into the middle of the paper. Next, open the book up and center on the paper. Take the right side of the paper and fold along the edge of the book cover, repeat on the left side. Insert the front book cover into the left side “pocket” that you created with the top and bottom flaps, and repeat with the back book cover and the right side “pocket”. Close the book and you’ve got a blank slate for doodling and personalizing your textbook that will protect the book until your kid has to return it at the end of the school year.
  • Wake the Sleeping Giant
    Does your kid find it difficult to wake up in the morning in time to have breakfast and get ready for the schoolbus? Recommend that they leave their alarm clock across their room so that they have to physically get up out of bed to turn it off. By the time they do that, they’ll be awake enough that they’ll be less likely to hit the snooze. (Yeah, this one won’t win you brownie points with your kids, but if it means you don’t have to wrangle them every morning, it’s a win regardless.)
  • Class Act
    A new school year means a new class schedule for most older kids. To ease the anxiety of knowing where they need to be and when classes start, recommend that they take a screenshot or snap a pic of their class schedule and use it as their lock screen on their phone. That way, their schedule will always be just a swipe away.
  • Storage Hack
    Backpacks and lockers can get packed to the hilt with notebooks that all look the same from the top. Use markers to color code a small section of the top of notebooks so that your kid can quickly know which notebook to grab for their next class.

Have a back to school hack that impressed your kid? Share it with us here!

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