Friday, August 14, 2020
Consider the savings of a self storage unit when looking for a new apartment.
Don't make moving more difficult by injuring yourself. Here are some tips on how to move items safely.
Part three in our series aimed at giving you time and energy saving tips for any big move.
If you are thinking about moving to Waikiki or live there now, you probably already know that it's not cheap. One solution that can make living in Waikiki a reality, is to live in or move into a smaller place.
Moving from one office to another is quite a feat. Here are some tips to simplify the task.
A little know how goes a long way when using a Lock Up Move In truck. Here are some tips.
The last part of our series that provides helpful life hacks for any big move. The Lock Up has self storage units for your stuff and great tips for your life.
Self storage centers are convenient, cost-effective and secure and for the most part, you can trust that your items will be safe and sound. However, don't rely on the storage facility completely.
Part two in our four part series featuring helpful moving life hacks for those in transition.
The first in a four part series focused on life hacks for those in the throes of moving.