End of Year Wrap Up

2016 - 2017

2016_2017Once all of the gifts are opened and the last house guest leaves, it’s time to begin getting ready for the new year. For many, this means cleaning up all of the holiday decorations and getting organized so that you can ring in the new year ready to go. The best way to do that is by literally clearing out the clutter so that you’re free to focus on all the exciting things the new year will bring.

The Lock Up Self Storage is running a Holiday Special until January 3rd, 2017 that can help you get your act together for 2017. Get a 5’x5’ self storage space for only $25 (visit the link above for details). You’ll be amazed at how helpful a little extra space can be when you’re in clean up mode. Below we’ll detail a few ways to take advantage of our special and get the most bang for your buck.

Cleaning up after the holidays can reveal the lack of storage space available to you. Whether it’s that you received gifts that need to take up prime real estate in your home thereby displacing other items in your home, or just that you realize that you’d rather not store the Christmas tree, lights and ornaments in your closet…we’ve got your back. A “sElf storage” space is the perfect size for this.

Or, perhaps you’ve got big plans for a New Year’s celebration to top all others…but then you look around and realize that your prized crystal cabinet that you’ve filled with delicate collectibles throughout the years could end up being the victim of an inebriated guest. Don’t risk an accident that will put a huge damper on your new year! Secure a “sElf storage” unit before your soiree, put your glass menagerie in a safe and secure spot, and you’ll be a much more relaxed hostess!

Even if you don’t have a huge party planned, a “sElf storage” unit can be a real help in getting organized and prepped for the most productive new year ever! Clear out your closets, get those old tax papers out of sight, and make room for 2017.

The Lock Up Self Storage is your ally for the best new year ever. Visit www.thelockup.com today to clear out the old and ring in the new year!