Five Life Hacks for Winter


Yes, winter is a time to hunker down, but that doesn’t mean that life comes to a halt. The cold and harsh weather can often make everyday tasks a little more cumbersome though. So, we at The Lock Up Self Storage have compiled five life hacks to keep you a little warmer and, hopefully, happier.

  1. Drafty homes lose heat faster. If you think you have air leaks around windows or doors, place a lit candle nearby the problem area. If the flame flickers, you know you have an air leak and the direction the flame blows will help you determine where the leak is coming from.
    Be sure to caulk the windowsill or use weather-stripping on door jambs. If your windows are very old, the plastic covers that create an air tight seal are particularly helpful in winter.
  2. Moist air stays warm longer. Be sure to get a humidifier for your home and your heating efforts will be more effective. In a pinch, you can do your own stove top humidifier and simmer off a large pot of water. Throw in some lemon or cinnamon sticks to make your home smell delish. Just be sure to keep an eye on the water level & don’t run it over night.
  3. Hot water bottles are good for more than just a sore back. An hour before bedtime, fill one up with hot water and place it in between the sheets of your bed. You’ll have a toasty bed awaiting you come sleepytime!
  4. Wet, muddy boots are a hassle when you come inside. To avoid staining your floors with all the dirt, snow and salt stuck in your treads, place your boots on a pebble tray. Fill a large shallow tray with attractive pebbles or stones. When you place your shoes on it, the moisture and dirt will drip to the bottom and your soles will dry faster and be more clean than if they sat in the muck.
  5. Speaking of salt on your shoes, those salt stains that end up on the tops of your boots can be so unsightly. Use a paper towel or scrub brush with some white vinegar to remove the white salt stains. Just be sure to test on an inconspicuous spot to make sure you don’t ruin the tops.

If you have any Winter Life Hacks that help out with the winter doldrums, share them with us here!


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