Gardening 101


We at the Lock Up love helping people who are in the midst of moving. Whether it’s moving extra stuff out of a home or office or making a big move into a new space, our staff are at the ready with their knowledge about the moving and storing questions you may have. Our goal is to make these things easier on you. But we don’t draw the line at self storage or moving items into your self storage unit. Our on site staff often get to know people who are moving into new homes while they visit their self storage units, and we know that storage tips at the home can really help sometimes. So we’ve gathered a few tips for new home gardeners on how to build and store their gardening tool arsenal.

If you’re moving into a new home that has a yard, or a condo that has a nice balcony, chances are you’re going to want to exercise your green thumb. There are some essential tools you’ll need for the task. And while you’re learning, you should also know how to store them.

You should have a designated place to store your tools. Be sure to fully rinse off your tools after using them. Hand tools should be stored in a garden bag and long handled tools should be stored by hanging them on a pegboard.

Another great tip for keeping metal tools in tip top shape is to keep a bucket filled with sand that is soaked with linseed oil. After gardening, plunge your tools into the bucket to condition them and they’ll last a lot longer.

Here are the absolute must haves for every gardener. Whether you’re a window sill, balcony, or yard gardener, you will need these items. These tools should be stored in a garden bag that you bring around with you as you tend to your plants.

  • Gloves
    Yes, it can be fun to get your hands in the dirt, but after a while, you’ll realize that your hands really take a beating. Be sure to have a waterproof, durable pair of gloves in your gardening bag to protect your hands.
  • Hand Trowel
    This little tool will dig, plant bulbs, and help divide small perennials.
  • Shears
    These will help deadhead your flowering plants, trim leaves, make clippings of plants, and cut back ornamental grasses. Keep them sharp and oil the joint with an all purpose oil every so often.
  • Hand Pruners
    A good pair of pruners will clip branches that are about ¾ of an inch thick or less. Like shears, keep them sharp and oiled.
  • All purpose plant food
    If you have a bottle of this in your garden bag, you’ll have beautiful blooms all summer.
  • Hand weeder
    Along with plants, come weeds. This tool lets you get at the roots of weeds without disturbing the surrounding plants.
  • Watering Can
    The size can you need is based on the number of pots you need to water.

These items are for gardeners that have some land to deal with. This is not a full list, but they are all must haves. Set up a pegboard in your garage, basement or shed to store these.

  • Hose
    Instead of lugging an unwieldy regular hose, consider getting one of the hoses that expands when you turn on the water. They’re small when not in use, lighter, and don’t kink when they’re in use. Store it in indirect sun and be sure to bring inside during winter.
  • Long Handled Pruners
    These pruners will clip branches thicker than ¾ of an inch and will help keep your bushes in good shape and bushier when used regularly. Keep them sharp, oiled, and store them by hanging them.
  • Round Headed Shovel
    A trowel is great for planting containers, but you need a shovel for planting anything in the ground. Keep it in good shape by hanging it off the ground.
  • Leaf Rake
    A lightweight rake that will make cleaning up fall leaves a breeze.
  • Bow Rake
    This kind of rake is heavier than a leaf rake and used for spreading mulch, gravel, sand, compost, and for leveling dirt, or removing large debris.

And of course, if you’re in need of a self storage unit, visit us as today to secure the unit perfect for you!