How Self Storage Can Help Military Members and Families

How Self Storage Can Help Military Members and Families

There are a significant number of Americans who are currently actively involved in the military—close to 1.4 million people to be exact.1 Of that number, almost all of the families, at some point or another, will have to deal with moving to the other side of the country, temporary relocations, or deployment. Military members and their families sacrifice a lot to help protect the citizens of our country, including a more permanent home. This creates difficulty and stress when it comes to finding a safe place to keep all of your valuables, keepsakes, personal items, and property in general. Since military moves can happen at any time, it’s important to have a plan. We’ve found, that one of the best ways to do this is by renting a self storage unit.

There are a number of ways that a self storage unit can benefit military members and their families, including the following:

  1. Convenience

Renting a storage unit for your things means that you won’t have to depend on any friends or family during times of transition. Instead, you’ll have a personal, locked unit that you can access any time of the day, month, or year. Since there are a number of different sizes available, self storage units can hold all of your belongings in one place, making it more convenient for you and your friends or family members.

  1. Affordability

Long distance moving trucks are expensive and if your relocation isn’t expected to last long, it doesn’t make much sense to take everything with you. Rather than hauling all of your belongings half way across the country and back, self storage units give you an affordable option to keep everything safe and secure until you return.

  1. Versatility

Since self storage unit come in a number of different sizes, you have the flexibility and versatility to shop around and find something that works for your needs. Regardless of if you’re only looking for a small unit to store your personal documents, keepsakes, and antiques or a larger unit to store your furniture and automobiles, self storage units offer you the perfect customizable solution.

  1. Longevity

Occasionally, you may experience unexpected changes in your schedule that keep you away from home for longer than you planned. Luckily, self storage companies, like The Lock Up Self Storage, offer flexible leases and long-term storage options so you’re prepared for any situation that comes your way.

  1. Security

How Self Storage Can Help Military Members and Families The last thing you want to worry about when you’re away is whether or not your items are safe and secure. Self storage units offer you the peace of mind you need. At The Lock Up Self Storage, all of your items will be safe and under multiple layers of protection including: a perimeter alarm, gated entry code access, surveillance cameras, and individualized locks/gated access.

  1. Organization

Self storage units can help you stay organized, both in times you’re home and away. Having a personalized storage unit helps you prioritize the things you need to keep in your home and gives you an opportunity to de-clutter and de-stress your entire household.

Storage Tips for Military Members and Families

Everybody’s needs will be different and depend on their individual circumstances, but we recommend storing the following items:

  • Personally Significant Items

How Self Storage Can Help Military Members and Families Moving around frequently can be especially stressful if you have a large number of personally significant items. Think about things like family photo albums, heirlooms, or even antique furniture that’s been in the family for decades. Whether your on deployment or simply temporarily relocating to another state, taking all of your personal items with you runs the risk of losing them in the shuffle or having them stolen. Instead, store them in your climate controlled self storage unit for safekeeping.

  • Special Clothing

Military personnel often have a lot of special articles of clothing. Whether it’s an abundance of uniforms, medals, hats, or gear, having a designated storage space is a great way to preserve them and keep them safe. Find a storage unit that offers added security and climate control, like the ones at The Lock Up Self Storage, to give yourself the peace of mind you need when storing your most important articles of clothing.

  • Large Appliances

How Self Storage Can Help Military Members and Families Appliances are expensive and you don’t want to continue to purchase them and sell them just because you’re relocating or being deployed. Instead, store them in your self storage unit so you can easily access them when you return home. Otherwise, you’ll waste thousands of dollars buying new or gently used appliances each time you return. The cost of a self storage unit is far less than the difference in purchase price and sale price for large appliances.

  • Vehicles

If there’s one thing that you’ll need to store during deployment, it’s your car. For whatever reason, it’s often hard to get rid of your car, especially if you’ve had it for a while or have just finished paying it off. Rather than sell it for less than it’s worth or bother your closest friends with the request of keeping it in their driveway, find a self storage unit that allows automobile storage. Whether it’s outdoor, covered, or indoor is up to you but indoor automobile storage provides the most protection from weather and theft.

  • Important Documents

We all have important documents that need a little extra protection, especially if we’re always on the move. Self storage units are the perfect solution for military personnel and their families. Store passports, birth certificate, financial information, social security cards, and more in a safe, secure location that has included video surveillance, alarms, and gated access. Inside of your unit you can take extra security measures and include your own personal safe or locked file cabinet.

  • Musical Instruments

How Self Storage Can Help Military Members and FamiliesIf you or someone in your family has a passion for music, don’t stop just because you’re moving or being deployed. Musical instruments are expensive and can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Instead, keep them so you can easily pick up where you left off when you return.

  • Furniture

Whether it’s your favorite couch or an antique dinner table, don’t sacrifice your furniture just because you’re leaving for a while. There are a number of different self storage unit sizes available to fit every families budget and needs, so you can store all of your furniture or just keep your favorite pieces. Plus, if you rent a new self storage unit at The Lock Up Self Storage, we’ll throw in a free moving truck to help you get all of your large items safely to your unit.

  • Seasonal Clothing

Maybe you’re relocating to a state with a completely different climate or maybe you’ll only be gone for the summer. Regardless of what your situation is, using a self storage unit for seasonal clothing is a great way to reduce the amount of things you need to carry with you. Store your bulky winter coats and boots to save space and keep everything ready for when you return.

  • Electronics

Televisions, gaming systems, surround sound stereos, and computers are expensive. There’s no reason to continually sell and re-purchase things just because you’re temporarily relocated or being deployed. While you may want to take a few of your electronics with you in the move, you can safely store everything else in a climate controlled self storage unit.

  • Decorations

How Self Storage Can Help Military Members and Families Regardless of if you’re a military family or not, decorations take up a lot of space. They’re bulky—especially if you’re a family that loves to decorate for every holiday throughout the year. Instead of dragging things along with you, rent a self storage unit to store all of your holiday décor during the off season or for the time you’re relocated and/or deployed.

It doesn’t matter if your deployed, relocating, or just dealing with a smaller than usual living area, self storage can help. Military members and families often deal with frequent moves and small places, which can make storing all of the things you’ve accumulated throughout life difficult. Luckily, self storage units, like the ones at The Lock Up Self Storage, are a perfect way to combat frequently picking up and moving your entire life. At The Lock Up Self Storage, there are tons of different options for each and every budget and we offer varied length leases with the opportunity to extend at any time. All of our units are climate controlled and 100% secure with top of the line safety features. Visit to look through all of our available self-storage units.