How The Lock Up Can Safeguard Your Data Storage


When one thinks of data storage, the first things to come to mind are items like CDs, DVDs, compact flash cards, USB drives and external hard drives. Yes, these are all useful and essential tools for storing your digital data. But how do you protect all of the digital data that one accumulates over years? The Lock Up may be your salvation.

It doesn’t matter what the content of your digital data is, you have it because you deemed it worthy enough to save. Whether they’re digital images shot on your phone or DSLR, or they’re important documents, you want to be sure to have the files for years to come. The great thing is these storage tools don’t take up a lot of space, so physical storage space is not the primary concern here. What you need to consider is safety. Digital storage is notorious for failing over time. But there are precautions that can be taken to safeguard your files and that’s where The Lock Up comes into play.

A climate controlled Lock Up Self Storage unit is the ideal location for you to store all of the digital storage units that you don’t need immediately. The controlled environment will ensure that your storage devices are not subjected to moisture or extreme temperatures. Plus, all Lock Up facilities have 24 hour security cameras monitoring all activity as well as electronic coded access that prevents unauthorized access to the facilities. It is likely that the file cabinet in your home or office doesn’t offer this type of protection.

You might be thinking, “I can store everything in the cloud.” That is a good solution when you need files while on the go. However, sometimes there are large or sensitive files that you may not want to upload to the cloud, or you may simply want to have files for the long term. A great solution for storing such digital files is to make copies of them onto an external hard drive. Keep your originals in your office and then store the hard drive of copies inside your Lock Up self storage unit.

To secure your Lock Up self storage unit, visit today.

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