How The Lock Up Helps to Get Your Grandchildren to Visit More Often


Grandparents tend toward spoiling their grandchildren. It’s an unspoken privilege of grandparenthood. As a grandparent, this means making sure that your home is fully stocked for those precious visits from your children’s children. Favorite foods, toys, games and presents make Grandma & Grandpa’s house fun. And making sure you have important items on hand such as high chairs, car seats, kiddie potties, inflatable beds, and inflatable pools for backyard dips makes traveling for your own kids easier, which means more frequent visits from your progeny.
But, having all of this stuff makes for an unnecessarily cluttered home when your family returns to their own homes. Why give up precious real estate in your own home if you don’t need to? By having a Lock Up Self Storage unit, you can have the best of both worlds…a fully stocked grandchild’s wonder land, and your home again once the tornado like energy of your grandchildren goes back to their respective homes.
Whatever your storage needs, The Lock Up has you covered. Choose from units as small as 5’x5’ or as large as 10’x30’. With a climate controlled unit, you have the option to store the most delicate items. And most Lock Up Self Storage facilities have a free move in truck available with every new unit rental.
Another plus of having a storage unit with The Lock Up is that here are no contracts, so if you have high hopes that one of your children may still give you another grandchild, you can hang on to all your goodies. It’s a lot cheaper to keep such items in your storage unit than to have to repurchase everything once you get the news that another stork visit is in the works.

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