How to Prepare the Outside of Your Home for Winter: Outdoor Furniture Storage and More


Fall is nature’s way of saying that it’s time to clean up and organize the exterior of your home. It’s a respite before the bone chilling temperatures of winter. It’s a last hurrah for outdoor activities and the perfect time to organize your garage to put all of the spring and summer play things in the back and to bring all the winter gear front and center. Here are a couple of helpful hints for fall preparations that will make your next spring a pleasant one.

  • Secure a temperature controlled storage unit for all your summer goodies to hibernate in during winter.
  • Remove all hoses from spigots. Drain the hoses, coil them up and store them inside. Turn off the water supply to the spigots and drain the rest of the water out of them.
  • Bring in any plants that will be able to live inside. Any planters left that are terracotta should be placed inside so that they don’t crack in the cold temperatures that will soon be here. Your Lock Up unit is a great place to store extra planters, but a garage or shed will do fine too.
  • Make your rakes and snow shovels easily accessible.
  • Wipe down all plastic and resin lawn furniture. Dirt and grime will easily stain these if you don’t. Determine the proper outdoor furniture storage for these items.  Place them in your Lock Up storage unit or somewhere indoors because freezing temperatures can make them crack.
  • Wipe down outdoor cushions and umbrellas then store them inside. Although the fabrics on these items is meant to withstand some elements, brutal cold temperatures and moisture can do real damage to them.
  • Wicker furniture should be brushed off or vacuumed. Dirt and grime tends to get stuck in the texture of this kind of furniture. Once clean, cover it with a weather proof cover (if you’re leaving it outside), or place it in your Lock Up storage unit.

Have any other fall tips? Share them with us here!

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