How to Rearrange Your Bedroom for a Refreshing Change

How to Rearrange Your Bedroom for a Refreshing Change

Change is good. It helps us move through life and adapt to our surrounding circumstances. But change doesn’t have to be huge. Sometimes, all you need is a little tweak to your interior decorating. In fact, one of the best ways to spark change in your life and reap the benefits is by rearranging your bedroom. It’s your sacred space, so make it feel that way. If you’ve never moved your furniture around, it’s time to see what your room has to offer. Even if it’s a small room, there are things you can do to create a whole new feeling by opening up the space you’re working with. Approach the arrangement of your room as an art form and with a few trials and error, you’ll experience a whole new way to start and end your days.

In this article, we’ll explore how to rearrange your bedroom for a refreshing change of pace.


How to Rearrange Your Bedroom for a Refreshing ChangeBefore you do anything, clean your room. Make sure nothing is on the ground and get out your vacuum, duster, and cleaning supplies. You should always start fresh and nothing says deep clean like rearranging a room. Clean your room as it’s set up now and when you start moving big furniture around, you can tackle the parts unknown. Believe us, this step should not be skipped, especially if you haven’t’ done a deep clean in a while. While you’re cleaning, remove any rugs from the floor and artwork from the walls. This will help start you off with a clean palette so you can create a new focal point.

Sketch it Out

You don’t have to be an award-winning artist to sketch out a new bedroom layout. To get the most out of your planning, measure the overallHow to Rearrange Your Bedroom for a Refreshing Change dimensions of your room and all of your large items. Once you do so, scale them down to inches so they fit on a piece of paper. This will help you plan accurately and avoid the unfortunate results of eyeballing. Create shapes that accurately represent the sizes of your furniture, bedroom, and any large items that you plan to incorporate then, sketch it all out.

It’s much easier to try and determine a plan before you move heavy furniture around. Drawing your new bedroom arrangement out ahead of time will let you see what will fit where, saving you energy and stress during the actual moving process. Don’t forget to include windows and doors on your sketch, otherwise you might find yourself facing a labyrinth to escape. As an added bonus, drawing your floor plan ahead of time will help you avoid unnecessarily scratching your floors or scuffing your walls. If you don’t want to draw things out, check out some online programs or apps for your phone to help.

Once you create a plan, then you can start moving things around. If you find that your original plan doesn’t exactly work, don’t be afraid to experiment.


As you’re moving things around to fit your plan, you might realize that you didn’t take into account a window here or an air vent there. Or you might realize that what looked good on paper doesn’t look good in reality. Use this time to experiment. There’s no right or wrong way to rearrange a bedroom, especially because it’s your space. Do whatever you want and don’t be afraid to take an unusual route. Try a few different layouts (on paper first) and see what you like best. Once you move the furniture, test it out for a day or so before adding all of your small items. If you like it, great, if you don’t, try something new.

Create a Focal Point

When you’re planning your room or experimenting, you should think about creating a focal point. We recommend using your bed as a focal point, but sometimes there is so much clutter in a room that it gets lost in the chaos. How to Rearrange Your Bedroom for a Refreshing ChangeNow is the time to change that. Put your bed in the center of the main wall – ideally one with no windows – and focus on designing your room around it. Things will start to fall into place, but you might find that your old furniture no longer works. Your bed is the most important part of your bedroom, so treat it as such. If you have a smaller room or one with a unique shape, go back to experimenting until you find something that works.

Move Big to Small

Once you tackle the bed dilemma, it’s time to work with the rest of your furniture. The best way to do this is by moving things big to small. If you have a large dresser or shelf, start with that. Then move on to desks, side tables, chairs, etc. Putting larger things in place first will help you use your space the most efficiently. Not surprisingly, your side tables will probably end up on either side of your bed and you’ll have a dresser or some sort of stand on the opposite wall. However, as we mentioned before, don’t be afraid to experiment with some out of the box ideas. You never know what you might enjoy and creating a new, unique space is a refreshing feeling.

If you have a large closet, try moving your dresser inside. This helps keep all of your clothes organized in one place and will free up a ton of usable space in your bedroom. You don’t have to replace it with something else. Having open space in your room will create an airy, open, and soothing feeling. If you had a TV on your dresser, look into mounting it on the wall instead for a sleek, modern design.

Try to use what you have first instead of buying new furniture. If things don’t fit, you can move them to your self storage unit and head to the store for something new.

Aim to Increase Functionality

One of your primary focuses while rearranging your bedroom should be increasing functionality. Don’t create pathways that cause frustration, instead, make everything flow and easy to navigate. Then, consider what you’re going to do in your bedroom. Do you use it to work? How about some morning yoga? Is your bedroom your preferred choice for watching TV? Or are you the kind of person that only spends time in your room when you’re sleeping? Everyone is different, so figure out what you’re going to use your room for and plan accordingly.

Focus on Placement

Yes, placement of furniture is important, but so is placement for rugs, mirrors, and any décor. Once you’ve gotten all of your major pieces of furniture in place, take a look around your room. Does the rug that you had before still work or is it not the right shape? Are you still inspired by your bedroom décor or is it time for a few refreshers? Don’t get rid of what you have just yet, instead, move them to your self storage unit so you can experiment with other options.

How to Rearrange Your Bedroom for a Refreshing ChangeYour rug should be placed in your room according to the layout, so if you need to find a new one that’s okay. If your bed is against a wall, play around with the rug placement and try to place it in the center-most part of the open floor space. If your bed is centered, you can put the rug underneath so that it’s even and your feet will be met with a cushy space when you get out of bed.

Store Your Clutter

How to Rearrange Your Bedroom for a Refreshing ChangeFinally, figure out what you’re going to do with all of your clutter. If you like to display things, do so in an artsy way that won’t impact the functionality of your room. However, if you’re like most of us, clutter only makes you feel stressed and flustered. Go through what you have in your room and put anything you don’t use or anything you’re sick of staring at into a box for storage. Believe us, decluttering your space will take your new room layout to a whole other level.

Your bedroom is your sacred space, so utilizing a layout that works for you is what’s most important. While you’re creating your new room, take inventory of what you own. Now is the perfect time to donate old clothes and put things you don’t use regularly into your self storage unit. If you don’t have a self storage unit, you can check out a variety of storage units in different sizes for all of your needs and budget constraints. Plus, all of our units are climate controlled, which means you won’t have to worry about your things weathering. The Lock Up offers secure, on site storage with 24/7 video monitoring, perimeter alarms, and coded access at all of our locations. We aim to give you the best service possible so you don’t have to worry. You can check out our self storage locations near you and see how we can help you make the most of your newly arranged bedroom.