How To Stage Your Home for Selling by Clearing Clutter


With warm summer months ahead of us, many people are placing their homes on the market for sale. There’s a lot of prep work that goes into getting a home market ready. One of the cardinal rules for all sellers is to make sure that the home has been de-cluttered and de-personalized. You want potential buyers to feel like the house is spacious and to be able to envision the house as their home; this is difficult to do when every room is packed with furniture and there are framed pictures of your family lining the walls. But, what does a seller do if they haven’t yet secured another location to live? The answer: rent a self storage unit at the nearest Lock Up Self Storage facility and get to work.

The first thing you should do is systematically go through your home and pack up all personal items that you do not need to have every day. This means anything that is a reflection of you such as books, records, cds, photos, knick knacks, and family heirlooms. You’ll need to do this when you move anyway, so this gives you a jumpstart. Next, pack up any remaining clutter from desks, vanities, dressers, cabinets and closets. Remember, you don’t want to just store this stuff in closets; you want potential buyers to look into well organized closets with only your bare essentials so they can envision their own clothes hanging neatly and their own shoes lined up in a row. Clear kitchen and bathroom counters to make these rooms seem more spacious. Be sure to take leaves out of dining room tables so that there’s more space.

Once you have all the little things out of the way, you then want to assess each room and decide on what pieces of furniture are not necessary. You want to stage each room so that potential buyers know immediately what the purpose of the room is. For example, leave the desk in the office, the sofa and coffee table in the living room and the dining table in the dining room. Remove any extra furniture such as side tables, buffets or bookcases that block doorways or hamper movement around the room in any way. Remember, you’re not trying to show a neat version of how you lived in this house; you’re trying to give an impression of what’s possible to the new owner.

Real estate is about selling space. By packing up personal clutter and moving unnecessary furniture into a Lock Up Self Storage facility, you will show potential buyers how much space your home has and sell your home for what it’s really worth.

The Lock Up Self Storage has units big enough to store all of the furniture and knick knacks from your home. Be sure to call the Lock Up Self Storage facility nearest you to find out what size best fits your needs. Call 1-866-327-LOCK.


  1. This is such an under utilized sales tactic. It doesn’t take a lot to put a bunch of your stuff into a storage container, and than you have less things in your house to organize and help you sell. People don’t want to see everything lying around your house, you want the rooms to be as spacious looking as possible


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