How to Store Collectible Books


In the age of electronic everything, there is one thing that some die hard purists refuse to give up on – the book. Cracking a book open, thumbing through the pages, and finally closing the cover after the last word is read is an experience that some people will never relinquish in favor of an e-reader. But the preponderance of devices available that can store hundreds (if not thousands) of books is slowly edging out retailers of the printed word. This is good news for book collectors. Whether they are vintage, first edition or extremely rare, books are highly collectible items, and that collectability will only increase as books are replaced by electronic devices. If you have an extensive library of books or are looking to become a collector of books, the Lock Up Self Storage can be an integral part of protecting and preserving your books.

You don’t want to store your books in an attic or garage because they will be subjected to heat and cold that will cause mold and mildew to grow on their pages. The Lock Up provides the optimal storing conditions for your book collection. A climate controlled storage unit is kept at a consistent temperature using heating and cooling systems. This means that your book collection will be safe from extreme temperature changes that can be so detrimental to their safety. Direct light is also a danger when it comes to storing books. The Lock Up Self Storage is an excellent way to keep your books away from direct sunlight. Another bonus to using a Lock Up Self Storage unit for your collection is that the units are all secure, clean and pest free…all very important factors to consider when storing valuable books.

Here are some more tips for storing your book collection in your Lock Up Self Storage climate controlled unit:

  • Remove any items such as bookmarks, papers or photos. These may damage the pages by either leaching ink onto the books’ pages or if the items are too thick, they could even distort the spine of the book.
  • Buy book covers for each book’s jacket. The pages within each book have protection via the binding, but the covers need a little extra help. Book covers will provide further protection for the covers of your book that are exposed to the air.
  • Do not put books in plastic bags. Book pages need room to allow air to circulate so that moisture does not gather on them. Moisture is a book’s number one enemy.
  • Do not pile your books in sealed containers. Doing so may trap moisture, and stacking books flat can damage spines of books from the pressure.
  • Purchase a sturdy bookshelf for your Lock Up Self Storage unit. Place books in an upright position with spines facing out. This will remove undue pressure on the bindings as well as allowing you to easily view what each book is.

If you have more tips for storing your book collection, share them here!


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