How To Store Furniture


Dining ChairWarm weather means it’s time for changes. Spring cleaning and moving are two of the big ways folks make change at this time of year. And both of these could result in extra furniture that you just don’t have room for anymore…so what to do if you simply cannot part ways yet? That’s where The Lock Up Self Storage comes into play. We’ve got storage units to fit any furniture storage needs you may have.
Here are some tips on how to store furniture correctly.

  • Clean it
    Make sure your pieces are spotless because dirt can degrade materials over time. You want to clean all parts: wood, metal, glass and even fabrics.
  • Disassemble
    Breaking down your furniture as much as possible will help in two ways. One, it will be easier to manage when moving. Two, it will save valuable storage space by packing more compactly. You just want to be sure to keep all of the parts together. Place screws or other removed hardware into bags and write what piece of furniture they belong to. Use painter’s tape (that won’t hurt the surface) to adhere the bag to the furniture.
  • Cover
    Using a drop cloth, moving blankets, sheets, towels, or whatever you happen to have on hand will protect any surfaces during the move as well as from items that may be stacked during storage.
  • The Lock Up Self Storage Climate Controlled Unit
    This is the most important part! Our climate controlled units will protect your furniture from the perils of drastic temperature changes that can cause expansion and contraction that lead to destruction.
    Be sure to organize your unit in a way so that you are able to access everything. Placing large pieces in the back and maintaining pathways will make it easier for you to get to any specific belonging when you need it.
    Remember that with every new lease a move in truck is available (you provide the labor). And when you arrive at the loading dock, there are sturdy hand carts waiting for you to make moving into your unit easy.

Are you looking for a climate controlled self storage unit? Visit today!


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