Lock Up Tips to Winterize Your Patio

Fall Cleaning

Leaves are falling and temperatures are dropping. This means that it’s time to put all of your backyard goodies into hibernation until next spring. The Lock Up Self Storage is all about helping you organize your life and so we’ve put together a list of to-do’s for your backyard patio winterization needs.

  1. Store Garden Tools and Pots
    Once you’ve racked the last of the fallen leaves, take your rakes, shovels and hoes inside. Also bring in any potted plants that you want to overwinter in your home. If you have empty containers, turn them over so they don’t collect water (which will expand when it freezes and possible crack your container). It’s a good idea to bring in any empty terracotta pots because they’ll crack and crumble in the cold. Untwist and untangle garden hoses, wind them into a neat circle and bring them inside so they don’t decay in the cold. If you don’t have a garage or basement to store such items in, your Lock Up Self Storage unit is the perfect place for them.
  2. Clean Patio Furniture Cushions
    Use mild soap and water to gently wash off cushions. Allow them to dry and then store these inside. This will reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew growing on them over the winter.
  3. Clean Outdoor Furniture
    Before you store anything away, you want to make sure to clean it first. Most patio furniture can be cleaned with a quick wipedown of a mild soap and water solution. Rinse off and let dry before moving it into storage. If you simply cannot move your patio furniture inside, be sure to cover it with heavy duty vinyl and secure it to the furniture. This will at least provide a thin layer of protection from direct contact with cold, snow and sleet. But keep in mind that you should never leave tables that have mosaic tops outside. A deep freeze will cause the moisture in the grout between the tiles to expand and the tile work will fall apart.
  4. Clean The Grill
    Again, a mild solution of soap and water will clean the outside. To clean the inside, fire up the grill and burn off any remaining food residue. A heavy duty cover on the grill will protect it during winter, and allow access to the grill for those of you daring enough to grill during winter. Note, however, that if you are going to store your BBQ in a Lock Up Self Storage unit, you cannot store the propane tank in your unit.
  5. Umbrellas and Hammocks
    These extra items also need to be cleaned before being folded up and stored over winter. Use the hose to rinse off the top of an open umbrella. Be sure to let it dry completely before closing up and securing closed. Any moisture will result in a mildewy, moldy umbrella in spring. Same goes for hammocks. You want to make sure the fibers are clean because any residue or dirt in the fibers will compromise them over time, causing them to fray.

Do you have any additional winterizing tips? Share them with us here!
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