Make Space in Your Garage with The Lock Up Self Storage


Over time, many of us collect items that are perfectly good but simply don’t fit into our lives anymore. Those items usually end up in the ever growing “Garage Sale Pile” that started out in the basement, migrated to the garage and eventually edged your second car out onto the streets. You kept meaning to get around to it, but that garage sale still doesn’t seem any closer. What do you do if you just don’t have time to have it before autumn makes way for winter? Some may say just toss it all in the garbage, but putting usable items into a landfill seems irresponsible; plus there’s money in them thar hills of unwanted-by-you stuff. You could make a killing at your garage sale next spring. If only there was a way to make enough room for both of your cars to hibernate in the comfort of your garage while also keeping all your garage sale items safe and sound until next spring. Well, look no further. The Lock Up Self Storage facility near you has the perfect solution. With unit sizes ranging from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’, you are guaranteed to find a storage solution that works for you and your upcoming neighborhood business venture.

With every new account, The Lock Up Self Storage facilities provide a free move in truck. This will allow you to conveniently move all your items in one fell swoop. Once they’re in storage, you’ll have enough space to move your second car back into the garage. This will save your car from the wind, rain, sleet, sub-zero degree temperatures, salt, snow and snow plowers that can do so much damage. Not only will the exterior of your car be safe from falling debris, but the safety of a garage also protects all of the hoses and connections in your engine from extreme temperatures that can crack or weaken them. And saving your vehicles from the harsh elements saves you money in the long run.

When spring rolls around, take a methodical approach so that you’re sure to have a spectacular selling frenzy at your garage sale. Move your cars out of the garage and then go retrieve your items from storage. As you move your items back to your garage, organize like items together in areas of the garage. Like a store, make areas for items such as clothing and shoes, electronics, kitchen goodies, tools. Also, be sure to log every single item as they’re unloaded. You can figure all the pricing of items from this list. If you’re really feeling organized, you can then put price tags on everything. But, even if you don’t do that, you’ll have a master inventory list that you can work from during your sale. Read this post to get more handy money making tips for your spring garage sale. When you’re done with the sale, you can pat yourself on the back for making sure your “Garage Sale Pile” got sold and also for saving your car from having to live on the streets for the winter.

Have you used The Lock Up Self Storage to store items that you plan to sell? Tell us about it here.


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