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We are a society on the go. The advent of mobile devices, the internet and wi-fi have catapulted us into a high speed culture that multi-tasks at every turn. We need to consider the fact that our HQ is wherever we are at any given moment. So why not prepare?

We at The Lock Up Self Storage are big proponents of preparedness. Our job is providing a bit of stability for people whose life and business are in flux, on the go. We are a safe harbor for the items in your life. We believe that this concept is one that can carry through the rest of your busy lifestyle and have a few suggestions on how to create mobile HQ kits that will provide you with a safe harbor no matter where you are.

Using zip pouches made of clear plastic is a perfect way to collect important items for specific tasks so that you can have them handy when you need them. The clear plastic allows you to easily see the contents, and the pouch makes your goodies mobile, just like you.

  • Gym Kit
    When you’re flying out the door to get a workout in, grab your gym kit that has your gym pass, deodorant, face wash, towel and workout clothes in it. If it has everything you’ll need at the gym, you’ll have no excuses for not working out!
  • Office/Work Day Kit
    Undoubtedly a day at the office requires some routine items to be toted back and forth. Keep a pouch that has the essentials such as: office keys, your ID badge, money bag, checkbook, and maybe an aspirin or two. Whatever you need to get through a day at work will be handy in your Work Day Kit.
  • After Work Kit
    If you know you have an event to attend after a day at work, an After Work Kit is a huge time saver. For guys, put in a tie, some cologne, hair product and a toothbrush with toothpaste. Ladies can add in cosmetics that will help you to freshen up and turn your office look into an evening one.
  • Kid Kit
    This one is great for quick trips with little kids. Put in a book or two, a toy and a snack such as a fruit rollup or granola bar.  Have to run to the bank, or return books to the library? This little kit could make it a joy rather than a whine fest.

Have a suggestion for an HQ Kit? Share it with us!

And if you’re in need of a safe harbor for some of your goodies, keep The Lock Up in mind. Visit for more info on securing a self storage unit today!


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