A Guide to Moving to Minneapolis, MN — 13 Things You Should Know

A Guide to Moving to Minneapolis, MN — 13 Things You Should Know

If you’re thinking about relocating to Minneapolis, there’s never been a better time to make the move. Minneapolis is one of America’s healthiest cities, with access to hundreds of parks, bike share programs, and a plethora of hiking trails. You’re going to love the bustling metropolitan culture filled with fine arts, great beer, and high-quality coffee. If you’re looking at reasons to move, check out our guide to moving to Minneapolis, MN and the 13 things that you should know before you go.

1. There are Hundreds of Parks

A Guide to Moving to Minneapolis, MN — 13 Things You Should KnowWhile you might not think of Minneapolis as an area that’s filled with wide, open greenery, there are plenty of parks. In fact, Minneapolis has a bustling Parks and Recreation department that successfully manages close to 200 parks throughout the metropolitan area. Within these parks, there are opportunities for hiking, outdoor sports, artwork, waterfalls, lakes, and casual daily strolls. Most of the parks in Minneapolis offer beautiful scenery that creates the perfect backdrops for weddings, events, or a perfectly captured Instagram selfie. In some parks, you can even go as far as reserving a picnic spot for events or a romantic night out. Within the lakes there are options for paddleboards, canoeing, and kayaking—it all depends on your preferences.

In the winter, many of the parks transform into a wonderland for sledding and even skiing. Because of the versatility and beautify of Minneapolis parks, many people have voted them some of the best in America. Regardless of where you move in Minneapolis, you’re sure to be within 10-15 minute walking distance from one of these beautiful parks.

2. Bike Share Programs are Popular

In conjunction with the hundreds of parks throughout Minneapolis, many A Guide to Moving to Minneapolis, MN — 13 Things You Should Know locals are avid bikers. Rather than spend money on purchasing their own, bike share programs have started to proliferate throughout the city. This makes it easy to get from point A to point B without having to spend a fortune on buying your own high-quality bicycle or taking taxis. However, you’ve been warned, even if you aren’t an avid biker, moving to Minneapolis might make you reconsider buying your own set of luxurious two wheels.

3. Winters are Harsh

While the residents of Minneapolis soak up as much sunlight as possible during the summers, it’s no secret that the winters are harsh. Temperatures often drop below zero for long-periods of time over the course of a year. If you’re moving from a warmer climate, you’re definitely going to need to make an investment in some high quality winter gear. If you’re concerned about where you’re going to store all your extra cold-weather gear, don’t worry. There are great self storage options with The Lock Up Self Storage Minneapolis that allow you to keep the clutter out of the way when the weather warms up again.

4. The Skyway System Helps

A Guide to Moving to Minneapolis, MN — 13 Things You Should KnowUnlike many other cities in the Midwest that have to suffer through walking in the cold, Minneapolis has a unique way of getting around. The Skyway System downtown Minneapolis is a network of indoor sky bridges that connect buildings via covered walkways. It’s so interconnected, that many people don’t have to walk outside to get form one place to another. The Minneapolis Skyway System is the largest one of its kind, not just in the United States, but in the world. That’s a pretty impressive way to combat the temperature drops and make for an exciting winter in Minneapolis.

5. Boating Season is Taken Seriously

When it warms up again, Minneapolis residents take advantage of the abundance of water that surrounds the beautiful city. If you’re not a boat person now, you will be. You can rent daily boats or docks for your own personal boat, just beware that it’s an addicting habit. When winter makes its way around again, there are plenty of self storage options for you to store your boat out of the extreme cold.

6. Ranked as one of America’s Top Healthiest Cities

Loring Park MinneapolisWith all of the parks and water sources, it should come as no surprise that Minneapolis is ranked as one of America’s healthiest cities. There are hundreds of different hiking trails scattered around the city and throughout the abundant parks and recreational areas available to both residents and non-residents. Plus, with the citywide smoking ban, the health of residents is taken serious and you’ll enjoy breathing clean air wherever you go.

7. Education is Prioritized

What a lot of people don’t know is that Minneapolis is actually one of the most literate cities in the country. There are both public and private universities and primary schools. While the best public schools are located in the surrounding suburbs of Minneapolis, there are still hundreds of public schools that exceed academic scores in comparable cities. If you’re looking for the absolute best, the #1 school district in Minneapolis is Wayzata. The private schools in Minneapolis are also some of the best and provide a well-rounded education for their students.

8. Housing Prices Vary

If you want to move to Minneapolis, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is where you’re going to live. There are some great neighborhoods both in the city of Minneapolis as well as in the surrounding suburbs. One thing to remember is that housing prices will vary depending on which neighborhood you decide to move to. Apartments and houses outside of the city center can be hundreds of dollars cheaper to rent, but you might not want to spend time commuting. However, keep in mind that the average length of commuting is only about 10-30 minutes—much better than other major cites.

If you’re going to buy a home, the price per square footage inside of the city center is almost $1,000 more. While other major cities are more expensive, Minneapolis still ranks as a pricy place to reside. Two of the best up-and-coming areas to move to in the past few years include Ericsson and Powderhorn Park—both places that offer a good mix of affordability and accessibility.

9. Taxes are High

Another thing that’s important to know is that taxes are a little higher than other major cities around the United States. The tax system throughout the entire state of Minnesota is progressive and much different than states with no income tax. Make sure you’re prepared for the changes that moving to Minneapolis will bring to your earnings.

10. Coffee is Plentiful

A Guide to Moving to Minneapolis, MN — 13 Things You Should KnowIf you’re an avid coffee lover, you’re going to love Minneapolis. Minneapolis is an up-and-coming coffee lover’s paradise. There are hundreds of unique coffee shops scattered throughout the city that boast coworking spaces, reading nooks, and a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

11. Business is Booming

If you’re looking to move for a job, Minneapolis is a great place to start. Business in the metropolitan area is booming with a high number of Fortune 500 headquarters, technology companies, and even start-ups. Minneapolis is also a great place if you’re looking to start your own business. To get you started, see how self storage units can help.

12. Fine Arts are Everywhere

There’s no shortage of culture in Minneapolis as fine arts are everywhere you turn. There are three major art galleries in the city that are comprised with some great pieces of work from throughout time and history. In addition to these, the city is filled with small art galleries, studios, photographers, sculptures, and a variety of different artists working to produce unique, eye-catching work.

13. Good Food, Great Beer

A Guide to Moving to Minneapolis, MN — 13 Things You Should KnowIf you’re a self-proclaimed foodie or craft beer lover, Minneapolis is the place for you. The culinary scene has taken off over the years and there are new restaurants opening regularly. We have Eat Street, a great place to go and try global cuisine, or head to the Minnesota State fair and try almost every food you could imagine on a stick. If you want to pair your food with a good beer, visit one of the hundreds of breweries stationed throughout the city. You’ll never get bored of trying new food or beer in Minneapolis.

Need Storage in Minneapolis, MN?

If you’re thinking about moving to Minneapolis, now is the time to get going. Minneapolis is a beautiful city that offers residents hundreds of things to do, regardless of the weather. The summers are spent outdoors touring the city on a bicycle, enjoying one of the hundreds of parks, or cooling off in the water. The winters are spent skiing, fishing, and taking advantage of the unique Skyway System in downtown Minneapolis.

If you’re planning to move to Minneapolis from out of town, we understand that it can get a little stressful. That’s why our self storage in Minneapolis, MN offers all of our new residents a free moving truck when they sign up for their first month of self storage. Self storage units are a great way to reduce the anxiety around moving and keep some of your seasonal items out of the way of everyday life. Call us today at (866) 327-LOCK to learn more about our locations around Minnesota or tour our facilities.