National Night Out in Naples A Success!


The National Night Out event that The Lock Up hosted in conjunction with Florida’s Collier County Sheriff’s department on August 2nd was a resounding success! An estimated 500-600 people attended, making this their most successful National Night Out against crime event ever. The event took place at The Lock Up facility on Piper Blvd and the festivities included the Collier County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad, a mobile Crime Scene Lab, K-9, SWAT, DUI, and Crime Prevention units, as well as a presentation by the North Naples Fire Department.

The Lock Up couldn’t be more pleased with the turnout and the support that the Naples community provided. The people and families of Naples proved that a night full of music, food and fun can definitely be a safe night as well. A big Thank You to all who made this night possible! Here are some pictures of the night’s events…and remember, safety first!

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