New Year, New You

Happy New Year 2015
3d render of Happy new year 2015

Every new year brings with it promises to oneself. Some people want to change their diet, others want to work out more and lose weight. Some folks want to be more productive, and others want to spend more time doing things they enjoy. While we wish we could help you achieve all these New Year’s resolutions, we recognize that’s not possible. But, we do know a way that The Lock Up Self Storage can help you achieve greatness in 2017.

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, the place where you can be you, unfettered by the world outside of your doors. But, have you ever felt like your living conditions keep you from being your best you? Have you ever felt your home needed a total revamp, but you simply didn’t know where to start? Here’s where The Lock Up can help!

The idea is to clear out each of your spaces so that you can see what’s possible in your home. Remember all the possibilities you saw in your space before you filled it up with stuff? Reimagining your current space is a lot easier when you’re not locked into the layout you’ve lived with for years. Certainly your lifestyle has evolved over time, and most often we don’t adjust our living space accordingly.

A Lock Up Self Storage unit can serve as an extension of your home that will allow you to reorganize without the hassle of piling all your stuff in your other living areas. Simply sign up for a month to month lease with a nearby Lock Up and begin the transformation. You can lease a unit that is large enough to hold one room’s worth of stuff, or a unit that can hold a whole houseful of furniture and items and really do a fresh start. The Lock Up Self Storage has a wide selection of unit sizes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. If you’re wondering what size unit you need, check the self storage unit size guide at And with each new lease, most Lock Up facilities have a free move in truck that can help with the whole process.

Visit today to secure your unit and begin the transformation of your home to better reflect the new you!