Organize Your Life Hacks

Get Organized
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The Lock Up is where people go when they’re looking to organize some element of their life. Perhaps they’re moving and need to store items that won’t fit in their new place. Or maybe they’re a budding entrepreneur who requires space to store extra inventory. Regardless of what the reason is, we’re here for all your storage needs; and we also like to offer tips for getting organized in general. Because we care. Here are some fun, quick life hacks to make your day to day a little easier.

  • Do you have tinfoil, plastic wrap and parchment paper boxes stuck in a drawer or cabinet taking up space? Take an upright magazine holder and put them in that instead! Not only will they all be contained and gathered together, you can grab the holder and place it on the counter until you’re done with your kitchen duties.
  • Cabinets tend to be where we hide our clutter. Undersink cabinets can be the worst culprits. Here’s a quick fix: take a tension curtain rod and mount it under your sink, then hang all your spray bottles on it. It will free the shelf up and allow you to be more organized.
  • Here’s a great trick for keeping all the little bathroom necessities at your fingertips: stick a magnetic strip on the inside of your medicine cabinet. Now you have a place to put your nail clipper, tweezers, nail file, bobbi pins, and hair clips. Never wonder where they are again!
  • Find your sole mates with this easy hack. If you don’t already have a drying line above your washing machine, you should put one up. It’s not only a great way to air dry delicates, but you can also clip any single socks in a load of laundry to it with a clothespin. As you make your way through your laundry, you’ll eventually come across it’s sole mate (see what we did there?). But seriously, this hack will help your sock drawer from being a source of angst.

Do you have any fun life hacks that help keep life organized? We would love to hear them! Share them here. And if you need help with a self storage unit, we’ve got you covered. Visit today!