Packing Hard-To-Move Items


One of the most dreaded parts of moving into a new home is transporting hard-to-move items. Trying not to break fragile dishes, electronics and family heirlooms provides the most stress for some, while others fear the effect that carrying an oversized sofa down the stairs will have on their back. If you’re getting ready for a move, learn how to pack hard-to-move items with help from this short guide. We’ve included tips for moving two of the most difficult types of valuables: fragile and bulky.


If you need to transport fragile items, the most important thing you can do is start packing early, giving yourself plenty of time to do it right. Make sure the boxes you’re using are clean, sturdy and padded. Wrap all fragile valuables with plenty of newspaper and bubble wrap, completely filling the box to keep delicate items from bumping around while they’re being moved. Before sealing the box, document everything inside. This will save you the frustration of opening and closing every container, looking for that one set of dishes once you get to your destination. Finally, use a generous amount of packing tape to seal the box and label it with “Fragile” to keep the movers from throwing it into their truck.

Before choosing a professional mover to help you transport any fragile item, find out if the Better Business Bureau has received complaints on that mover. Ask friends, families and experts for recommendations on movers in your area who will keep your valuables safe. For even more peace of mind, consider purchasing extra moving insurance for some of your most valuable fragile items.


If you’re going to move a bulky sofa, cabinet or piano, you’re going to have to start with measuring tape and a plan. Measure all dimensions of the item you’re moving as well as all doors and turns. Even the bulkiest items should be able to make it outside as long as you turn them the right way. The trick to moving without hurting your back is knowing what to do before you get to the door.

Before you pick up the bulky item, remove all legs, shelves, cushions and stands to make the item smaller, lighter and safer to move. Also, never try to be a superhero by moving a bulky item by yourself. Instead, enlist the help of several friends, or, better yet, rent a large moving dolly. By taking a few minutes to prepare, you can save yourself from damaging your furniture and spending a fortune at the chiropractor.

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