The Lock Up Now Offers Online Rentals


The Lock Up Self Storage is excited to announce a new feature on their website that is sure to make your life easier! We have launched a new feature that makes it simple to rent one of our self storage units directly from your computer or mobile device. The process is presented in a clear, easy to understand interface that allows you to provide your contact information, select your specific and desired self storage needs, and provide payment for your new unit.

All you have to do is decide which Lock Up Self Storage location is closest to you and choose the correct self storage unit for your needs. There’s even a Storage Unit Guide on the website to help you decide which size unit will fit all your stuff. From there, the process to actually rent the unit is very straightforward.

First, you provide your contact information, including a valid drivers license or state ID number. The next step, Additional Information, allows you to fine tune your rental with options such as the Protection Plan, Vehicle Storage, and even Package Delivery if you need it. The third step is the online Document Signing, the fourth is providing Payment information which also includes setting up a reservation for a Free Move In Truck. Upon completion of these steps, the you are given an Online Unit Rental Confirmation Receipt.

Once you receive confirmation of the rental, you are required to visit the location within 48 hours in order to be provided with the free lock and key for their unit. Keep in mind, only the Online Lease Signer is authorized to pick up the unit key.

“Our tenants are our utmost priority. We understand that they have busy lives and we want to make their self storage experience as seamless as possible,” says Andrea Carnes, Vice President of Operations for The Lock Up Self Storage. “With everyone so tied into the internet, providing the ability to actually rent a unit from our website was a natural choice. Our business is focused on helping organize people’s lives, so we believe it’s important to help our tenants streamline their experience with The Lock Up. Now our rental process is available whenever a tenant finds they need a self storage unit. In five  easy steps, a user can get set up with a new self storage unit that suits their requirements perfectly.”

This new online rental feature is yet another example of how The Lock Up is a company that continually embraces integrating technologies that improve your customer satisfaction. From the mobile app that allows users to keep all of their self storage information at their fingertips, to the top notch 24 hour security monitoring systems and key card access, to the sophisticated amenities such as climate controlled self storage units and even wine storage environments that are closely monitored for precise temperatures and humidity levels, The Lock Up goes the extra mile to ensure that their tenants’ experience is superior and that their business or personal belongings are safe and secure.

Visit for more information and to RENT a self storage unit today!


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