Spring Cleaning 101


Yes, it’s that time again. Green buds are emerging from the barren trees, birds are singing and you’re realizing that you’ve been in hibernation mode. Spring is here! Now it’s time to get your home prepared for the fast paced warm months ahead. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when beginning your spring cleaning is to declutter. We somehow tend to collect things in our homes during the winter months. Perhaps this habit hearkens back to our gathering instincts that allowed us to make it through harsh weather. Whatever the reason, spring is the time to clear out the clutter and open your home up to the beautiful weather on the way.

Of course, having a Lock Up Self Storage unit can help you to clear out closets. Winter clothes, boots, and snow gear take up a lot of space. Be sure to clean everything thoroughly before packing it up for the season. Label the boxes and set aside for your trip to your storage unit.

You should also consider switching out your linens and curtains. Instead of heavy, warm comforters and flannel sheets, you’ll want to have light duvets and soft cotton sheets. Take down the thick, insulating curtains that have blocked cold drafts in favor of gauzy, flowing curtains that will flutter in the wind when your windows are open. Take all the heavy winter items, clean them and pack them in the same manner as your cold weather gear.

Take these boxes and any other items that you feel the need to clear out of your home (holiday decorations, for example) and take them straight away to your Lock Up climate controlled storage unit.

Once you have brightened up your space by the above tasks, you’ll probably notice all the dust that’s settled in your home. Next phase of the spring cleaning: dusting.

You’ll want to start high, then work your way down. Our best suggestion is to begin with your ceiling fans. Dust the blades, being sure to get the tops of them as well. Then be sure that your blades are set to run counterclockwise. This will force air straight down and create a pleasant, cooling draft.

Don’t forget to dust the tops of cabinets, window frames, bookshelves, and door frames. Then you can dust all the countertops, appliances, and blinds in your home.Then, and only then, can you sweep, vacuum and mop to collect up all the dust that has drifted down from above.

The last thing that will help prep your home for spring is to clean all your windows, both from the inside and outside. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter your days will be!

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