Spring Cleaning Hacks


spring cleaning suppliesCrocuses and tulips are blooming which means that it’s time to get to spring cleaning. After a long winter of hunkering down, most homes tend to gather lots of stuff and also get stuffy. Now is the time to breathe new life into your home by throwing open the windows (not to mention cleaning them!). We at The Lock Up consider facilities to be your home away from home, so we’ve put together five life hacks to make spring cleaning a breeze. And once you finish, you’ll want to drop off a few things at your Lock Up Self Storage unit…and maybe pick up a few warm weather goodies that have been in storage too.

  1. “The Drawer”
    You know the one. It’s usually in the kitchen and it is a catchall for all those things you need in a pinch…scissors, rubber bands, tape, pens, kid’s toys, and men’s too (like hammers & pliers).
    It’s best to tackle it before it gets so packed that you can’t open it.
    Dump the contents out and go through each item. If you don’t use it, toss it; if it belongs somewhere else, relocate it.
    The best way to organize things that belong is to Velcro organizing trays onto the floor of the drawer. This will prevent things from sliding all around when it’s opened and closed…and that will keep everything nice and organized instead of a tangled lump of who-knows-what.
  2. Utensil dividers aren’t just for the kitchen
    Place a utensil divider in the top drawer of your bathroom vanity for an easy way to keep everyone’s toothbrushes in place. This is more sanitary than having them all in a jar in your medicine cabinet, and if you label each section for each person in your family, you’ve eliminated the possibility of someone else using your toothbrush. The top section can be used to put things like dental floss and toothpaste.
    Extra hack: Don’t throw away old toothbrushes! They’re great for cleaning tile grout or other small, hard to reach areas.
  3. Under the Bathroom Sink
    A cabinet is only as useful as it is organized. Industrial stacking bins (like the ones used for nails, screws, and other such odd bits) are great for organizing cleaning items like brushes, sponges. And for those unwieldy spray bottles that take up precious floor space in your cabinet, consider using a tension rod inside the cabinet so that you can hang the bottles by their handles.
  4. Dust in High Places
    Strap a duster cloth, if you don’t have any a small towel will work too, onto the bristles of a broom. This will let you “sweep” dust and cobwebs out of hard to reach corners. For ceiling fan blades, put an old sock on your hand and literally grab the accumulated dust from them.
  5. Shrink Winter Wear
    Clean all your winter coats and bulky items like sweaters. Then pack them into plastic vacuum bags. When you use your vacuum to suck out the air, you’ll gain storage space! Once you’ve got all your winter gear packed, take it to your Lock Up Self Storage unit.

Do you have any spring cleaning hacks to share? We’d love to hear them!

If you’re looking for a self storage unit for all the goodies you find while spring cleaning, be sure to visit www.thelockup.com and we’ll get you set up with one.


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