Storage Products Roundup


Self storage facilities are designed to make your life easier by providing an additional storage space to keep temporary, seasonal or less-frequently used items. They were not meant as a burial ground for items that won’t fit in the basement, never to be looked at or used again.

To get the most of your self storage facility, it’s important that you keep all your items organized, inventoried and easily accessible. To that end, today we’re checking out some cool products to help you keep your self storage unit nice and tidy.


Use shelving to maximize the height of your storage unit. Instead of stacking things on top of each other, making it difficult to pull things out from the bottom, shelving allows you to easily access items and store misshaped items together.

IKEA Gorm Shelving Unit

Totes, Tubs, Bins

These are great for keeping toys, clothes, shoes and collections safe. We highly recommend going with the clear totes so that you can easily identify what’s inside.

The Container Store Clear Garage Totes

Garment Storage

We like this wardrobe because it protects your clothes and keeps them well organized. This storage unit has a few shelves to store sweaters while your other items hang. Be sure to use wooden hangers and throw in a few cedar blocks to keep clothes fresh.

Bed, Bath and Beyond 48″ Deluxe Wardrobe

Document Storage

The problem with most filing boxes is that you have to pull each box out and take off the lid to figure out what’s inside. These Bankers Box file boxes feature a pull out drawer so you can get to the files without going through stacks of boxes.

Bankers Box® Stor/Drawer® Steel Plus™ 65% Recycled Drawer File

Invest in a few key storage products, and you’ll be in and out of your storage unit, saving time and headache.  To help make your life easier, we’ve also created a list of our favorite self storage tips. Check it out before you store your items for the first time.

What other cool products do you rely on? Share your ideas here…

(Photo credit: The Container Store)


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