11 Practical Tips for Living in a Studio Apartment

studio apartment

Embracing the allure of a studio apartment often means trading square footage for affordability and a sense of minimalism. While the cozy dimensions can seem challenging at first, plenty of tips for living in a studio apartment can help you make the most out of your space. Studio apartments provide a blank canvas for creative living arrangements and multifunctional spaces—you just need a little inspiration. Here, we’ll explore 11 invaluable tips for living in a studio apartment. You’ll find everything you need, from ideas on transformative furniture to unique, space-defining décor.

What Qualifies as a Studio Apartment?

Living in a studio apartment can be tough, but affordability makes them an attractive option. The biggest difference between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment is the smaller size and general layout. Studio apartments have about 300 to 400 square feet of floor space, while one-bedroom apartments have about 700 to 1,000 square feet. It’s a pretty substantial difference.

The layout of a studio apartment is also different. Studios tend to have one room with distinct “areas” within the same room. However, the bathroom is typically in a separate room that connects to the main one. Some studios also have a kitchen that connects to the primary room, while others have the kitchen in the same open space. Floor plans for studio apartments will vary, but the square footage remains roughly the same.

Why is Living in a Studio Challenging?

As you can imagine, the small square footage of a studio apartment can bring about several challenges. Primarily, some of the biggest challenges of living in a studio apartment include:

  • Lack of a large kitchen area for cooking and hosting
  • Limited space for friends and family
  • Lack of storage space and accessibility
  • Cramped living quarters
  • Inability to compartmentalize your days or activities

11 Tips for Living in a Studio Apartment Comfortably

Although there are some downsides, you can live in a studio apartment comfortably. You just have to be strategic and get a little creative with your space. To help, consider the following tips for living in a studio apartment.

1. Try to Separate the Bedroom Area

One great way to help compartmentalize your studio apartment is to try and divide the space so that you have a separate “bedroom” area. You won’t have too many options for arranging your bedroom, but you can try to create the illusion of a separate “room.” You can do this with shelving units, a bedroom divider, or even a curtain. While it might not be a wall, it still allows you to transition into your nighttime routine without feeling like you’re sleeping in your kitchen or living room every night.

2. Consider a Murphy Bed

If you really want to maximize your living space, consider purchasing a Murphy bed. A Murphy bed is a type of bed that can be folded up and away into the cabinet or wall. This means that every morning, you simply get up, make your bed, and tuck it away, opening up all the floor space that would otherwise be occupied.

3. Divide Space with Shelves

As mentioned, large shelving units can help you divide up the spaces in your room. You may want to do this for your bedroom or kitchen, depending on the layout of your apartment. The shelves give you plenty of extra storage space as an added bonus.

4. Appropriately Scale Furniture

When shopping for furniture, make sure you have the dimensions of your studio apartment on hand. You’ll need to purchase furniture (kitchen table, desk, bed, couch, coffee table, etc.) based on how big the space is. Luckily, several options for smaller items can fit inside a room while still offering a ton of functionality.

5. Invest in Flexible Furnishings

You can also purchase a few pieces of furniture that can be transformed for multiple uses. For example, there are options for a simple desk that can be expanded into a kitchen table for hosting a small dinner. Or, you may have a couch that can be folded out into a bed. Furniture that can be used for multiple things can help you use your studio apartment in unique ways. If you already have a lot of pieces from your previous place and you don’t want to get rid of them, it’s best to store your furniture offsite and purchase new items that will fit in your studio apartment.

6. Rent a Self-Storage Unit

One of the most important tips for living in a studio apartment is learning how to be strategic about your storage. However, even that’s not always enough. Therefore, to maximize your life in a studio apartment, rent a self-storage unit for excess belongings. This can help you maintain a clear living space without having to go through and donate or sell things you want to keep. There are several different options for sizing. Just make sure that you choose a climate-controlled self-storage unit for longevity.

7. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Use

Do you have buckets of crafting supplies that you never open? Sporting equipment that hasn’t been touched in years? Don’t bring it into your studio apartment. Either put it in a self-storage unit or donate it. You don’t need to keep things you don’t use in your limited space at home.

8. Declutter Your Kitchen

You might only have a few kitchen cupboards, which will need to hold everything from dishes and cutlery to dry food and non-perishables. Not only do you need to organize your kitchen cupboards like a pro, but you also need to reduce the amount of unnecessary items you have.

Go through your kitchen and pack away any items that you don’t use. Heavy-duty mixers have no place in a tiny studio apartment if you’re not regularly baking. Only keep your cabinets stocked with essentials, so you have more room for storage and places for your food! Keep everything else in a nearby self-storage unit for easy access.

9. Only Buy What You Need

Living in a studio apartment means you’ll have to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle, at least to some degree. While it might take some getting used to, it can save you tons of money and unnecessary stress in the long run. Try waiting a few days before making a purchase to see if you really need it or if it’s just something you want. The goal is to only buy what you need. Th

10. Downsize Your Wardrobe

Next, assess your wardrobe. Do you have a ton of clothes you don’t wear? Is your closet filled with out-of-season clothes? There are several options to help you make the most out of a small studio apartment, many of which don’t come equipped with closets. One option is to rotate your wardrobe with the seasons. This first requires a bit of closet decluttering, then sorting through winter, spring, summer, and fall clothes. You’ll want to store anything you won’t wear for the season somewhere out of sight so only the clothes you know you’ll wear are visible. You can also cut back on most of your items and create a minimalist capsule wardrobe. If you don’t want to get rid of any clothes, keep them in a self-storage unit. Just make sure you use the right types of storage containers.

11. Keep Things Clean

Finally, cleaning your studio apartment can help you maximize your living space and get more out of the room. Make your bed every morning, don’t let the dishes pile up, and try to put away your laundry as soon as possible. Doing this will make a world of difference.

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