The Internet is so 1999?


Prince, the artist formerly known as Prince, and then known as Prince again, has some interesting views on the Internet. The Minneapolis-born musician claims “The Internet’s completely over.” His music is not available on iTunes and he’s shut down his website. Instead, his new album will be released only as a CD.

Years ago, many music fans had CD collections ranging from the hundreds to the thousands. Living rooms, family rooms and basements were lined with top-heavy storage units, filled to the brim with unorganized CDs. Then, MP3s came along and people everywhere were ditching CDs, converting their music into digital files, putting all those pesky jewel cases in storage, and purchasing music through the Internet.

If you’ve gone digital and are interested in putting your CD collection in self storage, here are a few tips:

  • Choose a climate controlled self-storage facility. If you can’t find a self storage unit near you that offers heating and air conditioning, at least consider one that will keep your items out of extreme heat and cold.
  • Make sure each of your CDs has its own jewel case
  • Store jewel cases upright in your self storage unit, don’t stack them
  • Keep your CD collection out of direct sunlight

So what do you think, Minneapolis, is your Prince right? Is it time to ditch the iPod and go back to the Discman? Or is it time to go full steam ahead with your electronic music collection? Share your thoughts here…


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