The Lock Up Explores Life Hack Actions

Life Hacks


Sometimes all it takes to make life a little easier is a very simple step. One thing that you can do that will solve a problem, keep life organized, or alleviate a stress. Although The Lock Up Self Storage is here for you when you need to store extra belongings outside of your home, we want you to know that we’re always looking out for your needs. So, in the hopes of making your life a little easier, we’ve compiled a few actions that you can take that could make an impact on your day to day. And some of these could even apply to how you deal with your items that you have stored with us!

  • Stay Plugged In
    Have you ever had two extension cords connected, only to lose power when you’ve pulled them apart? Avert that problem by crossing the two cords together as though you were about to tie your shoelaces in a bow, but instead of completing the bow, plug the ends together. This essentially creates a knot and when you pull on the cord, instead of unplugging, it will tighten…and you can keep working.
  • Lost and Found
    If you’ve lost a small item or dropped one in an area you can’t reach, take an old pantyhose, stretch it over the nozzle on your vacuum cleaner and secure with a rubber band. Then vacuum wherever you think your item is. The pantyhose will prevent it from entering the machine and you’ll have it back.
  • Stop Sucking
    How many times have you struggled to pull your garbage out of your garbage can because of the vacuum created? If your bag is too full, it could even rip because of the struggle. Here’s an easy solution. Drill a couple of small holes in the back of your can. This will allow air to fill the vacuum as you remove your bag. No more sucking!
  • Get Vertical
    Stop storing your clothes by stacking them horizontally on top of one another. Instead, stack your clothes vertically. This way, you can see everything you have at once…no more sorting through your drawers and making a mess of them.
  • Make An Ice Pack
    If you’ve hurt yourself and don’t have a store bought ice pack…make one yourself. Make a mixture of one part rubbing alcohol and two parts water. Soak some sponges in the mixture, place them inside of a sturdy ziplock bag and put that in the freezer. The alcohol and water mixture will get extremely cold, but won’t freeze solid so you can wrap the pack around that sprained ankle. And because the sponges are holding the moisture, it’s less likely to drip and slosh all over.

We hope these small actions make a big impact on your lives!

If you have any favorite life hacks that help your day to day life, we’d love to hear them.
And if you’re in need of a self storage unit, we’d love to help you…visit today.