The Lock Up Helps Snowbirds Travel Worry Free

Snowbirds Enjoying Winter

Snowbirds-enjoying-winterNow that the holidays are over and the deep freeze of old man winter is settling in, people who live in cold climates are preparing their escape to warmer locales. Snowbirds, as they’re called, are folk who live in warmer areas during the brutal cold winter months and then return home for spring, summer and fall.

The Lock Up Self Storage is a tried and true accomplice for this lifestyle. Not only do we have facilities in the colder midwest and northeast states, we also have facilities in popular states that snowbirds tend to flock to, namely Florida and Hawaii. So whether you’ve got to store belongings over the winter, or you need to pick up your items in your destination location, we’ve got you covered.

When you’re preparing to leave your home for an extended period of time during winter, there are a few things to consider. Letting a home get too cold inside can lead to issues with plumbing, so we recommend having a plumber help you figure out what the best practice is for your home’s water pipes. And to be sure your sensitive items (such as electronics) are safe from possible flooding during your migration, it’s a good idea to store such items in a climate controlled Lock Up Self Storage unit. Another consideration is protecting your property from home invasions. Again, storing any valuable belongings in a secure Lock Up unit will ensure that they’re safe and sound until your return. And to make your home a less desirable target, install a security system along with lights on timers to make it seem like there’s someone inside.

Once you’ve landed in your warmer state, it’s time to settle into your new (temporary) home. A Lock Up Self Storage unit can really come in handy for vacation homes. In Florida, several facilities have areas for storing boats and there are drive in units available for other recreational vehicles. And of course, if you stay in a rental home during the winter, when you leave, you can store all of the incidentals that make a house a home inside of a climate controlled self storage unit instead of lugging them back and forth every year.

If you’re in need of a self storage unit at home or near your home away from home, visit to secure a unit today!