The Lock Up Helps You Take Advantage of Summer Clearance Sales


Now that summertime is in full swing, retailers are working on clearing out all of their summer products to make way for the incoming fall products. That means that the summer clearance sales season is about to start happening. These can have deep discounts that are simply too good to pass up…luckily for you, The Lock Up Self Storage has a quick, easy solution – online self storage unit rentals!

Imagine this scenario: you’re out shopping and unexpectedly come upon a summer clearance sale on something you’ve wanted for a long time, like a new patio set or a household appliance. The problem is, you simply don’t have room for it at the moment. What to do? We say, rent a self storage unit on the spot and take advantage of that deep discount!

The Lock Up’s website,, allows you to pick a unit and sign a lease online. You can do it right from your phone or mobile device, which makes it incredibly convenient.

All you have to do is choose the Lock Up location near you and select a self storage unit that fits your needs. You have all the options available such as size, climate controlled and even if it is a drive up unit or one inside. Once you’ve chosen, you can either sign a lease immediately or reserve the unit for 14 days. And, online bookings often have extra savings for you. How great is that!

As soon as you have secured your new Lock Up self storage unit, you can then go ahead and purchase your dream item, knowing full well that you just got a great deal and can also take your time to figure out what you need to do to be able to have your new item at home. An added bonus of having a Lock Up self storage unit is that you can have your item delivered directly to your Lock Up facility. The main office will receive your shipment on your behalf, and if arranged, can often have it go directly to your unit.

Have you used the online booking system to secure a Lock Up Self Storage unit in a time of need? Tell us about it here!


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