The Lock Up Lets You Be The Host With The Most

Airbnb Hosting

hosting-in-your-homeA popular way to make extra money is to use your home or second home to host house guests. If you have a nice place in an area where people want to visit, you could earn enough money to fund your passions that have been put on hold due to the lack of funds. Of course, this is easiest if you have a dedicated property that you can rent out to guests, leaving you out of the equation. But when you’re hosting guests in a room or area of your home, issues of storage space can come to the forefront. Enter: The Lock Up.

Everyone has it…that area of your home that becomes the catch all. It’s a closet (or two), it’s the empty nest bedroom, it’s the guest bedroom. Wherever it’s located, it may become the hindrance to your hosting efforts. You’ll want to get yourself a climate controlled self storage unit. This storage unit will hold all the contents of that dreaded area, freeing up potential cash making real estate in your home.

Your newly acquired self storage unit will be a workhorse for your newly budding side business. Even when you have guests that you know, you’ll go to lengths to tidy up in general, hide private items, and remove the day to day clutter most of us live with. When you have paying guests, you’ll want to go a little further in your prep. Having a Lock Up self storage unit gives you the comfort of storing personal belongings during your guests’ time in your home. You know your items are safe, and there’s zero chance of guests happening upon your private items.

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