The Lock Up Self Storage and Life

The Atlantic Self Storage Article

The-Atlantic-ArticleThe Atlantic recently published an article entitled Finding Solace in a Storage Unit, written by a woman who leaned on her Lock Up Self Storage unit during a particularly difficult time in her life. While that may not sound like the most likely of places to find solace, we at The Lock Up completely understand. When a person finds themself in turmoil and their lives are upheaved, the last thing they want to do is part with all of their personal items. While these items may hold personal meaning too painful to face, they can’t bear the thought of removing them completely from their lives. The Lock Up can provide a place to store those items out of sight, but allow the owner the comfort of knowing that they still remain in their life.

The author of the article recounts a tale of heartbreak that tore her life as she knew it asunder. During that time, she states that friends and family tried to help, but she “didn’t feel fully cared for again until I found the Lock-Up, a temperature-controlled self-storage facility on Chicago’s near north side.” And we at The Lock Up couldn’t be more heartened by this. Our on site staff go above and beyond to help make stressful times in people’s lives easier.

As the article states, “we refuse to let go of our possessions, even as our lives propel us away from them.” There are many reasons for this, from sentimental meaning, to the sense that the future will require a currently obsolete item. A self storage unit is like a placeholder in people’s lives.

Alternately, the author notes that self storage units can also be the marker of new beginnings. Many entrepreneurs use Lock Up units as launching pads for new business endeavors. They are an affordable home base for business, especially for start ups that need additional storage for product.

Regardless of the need, The Lock Up Self Storage is truly part of the American way. It allows for freedom…freedom to evolve, to grow, to regroup in times of change, and the freedom to become stronger in the face of crisis.

The last paragraph summed up the author’s experience nicely. She said that The Lock Up had “cast a cleansing spell” on the items that she stored away during her difficult life transition. When she finally felt ready to face the items she stored away, she was able to objectively decide what items she truly wanted to keep and what she could do without.

If you’re going through a life change and need a safe harbor, visit to secure your self storage unit today.

Read The Atlantic’s full article here.