The Lock Up Self Storage Saves Green By Going Green


Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 15, 2010 — As a show of commitment to helping protect the environment and contain costs, The Lock Up, a Chicago based self storage company with over 30 climate controlled self storage facilities nationwide, has embarked upon a major company-wide conversion to more energy efficient appliances and procedures.

“We take the obligation of doing our part in terms of caring for the environment very seriously,” says Andrea Carnes, Vice President of Operations for The Lock Up Self Storage. “Equally as important, we have a responsibility to our customers to keep expenses in check so that we can continue to provide them with the most competitive pricing. We feel that our conversion to more eco-friendly, energy saving practices will help us address both of these issues very effectively.”

The scope of the transformation is far reaching, encompassing everything from simple changes such as adding separate recycle bins to more complex revisions involving a complete exchange of the self storage centers’ existing HVAC systems in favor of Energy Star rated equipment. Other facets of the transition include reducing or eliminating sprinkler use to conserve water, converting incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient compact florescent and LED bulbs, increasing insulation and recycling old appliances to scrap metal companies. In addition, items abandoned in the self storage units are being donated to local charities.

“As a result of these modifications, our newer self storage facilities are consuming one third to one half the amount of utilities used by our older facilities,” enthuses Carnes.

For more information on our environmental efforts, check out, or call 866.327.LOCK.

About The Lock Up:
The Lock Up has been serving the storage needs of clients around the country since 1976. With climate-controlled wine storage units, 24-hour security monitoring and carpeted units, The Lock Up self storage facilities are designed to meet the needs of even the choosiest clients.


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