The Lock Up Self Storage Solution for College Students

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A new school year is underway and that means there are a lot of new freshmen on college campuses across the nation. Being away from home for the first time is both an exciting time and a daunting time. It means new friends and new independence as well. For many college students, it’s the first time they are responsible for running everything in their lives from classes to rent to managing meals and such. The Lock Up Self Storage understands that and wants you to know that there are a few ways that we can help to make the transition much easier.

When you rent a Lock Up Self Storage unit, the majority of our locations have a move in truck that you can use for free. This alleviates the extra cost of having to rent a truck. Abd with climate controlled units, you’ll have a place that you can keep your extremely valuable items in where you know they’ll be safe.

Whether you live in a dorm or a nearby apartment, college students usually live with lots of other people around. This can be problematic if you ever want to have something delivered to where you live. For one, if you’re attending classes all day, you won’t be able to wait around for the delivery guy to show up at your door. Secondly, if a package is dropped off on your doorstep, you run the risk of a passerby stealing it. The Lock Up has a solution. Have your item shipped to your Lock Up Self Storage unit. There are managers in the main office during regular business hours and they can receive your deliveries for you.

Most Lock Up Self Storage facilities have drive up units. These are very helpful for students who drive to school but don’t need their cars on campus. Simply rent a drive up unit and store your car in the unit while you don’t need it. When you want it, regardless of what time of day it is, you can retrieve your car. If this is a consideration, here is a link to a post that gives tips on how to store your car.

Do you have any other stories of how The Lock Up Self Storage made your college experience better? Share them with us here!

And if you realize that you need a self storage unit, visit to find The Lock Up Self Storage facility nearest to your college


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