The Lock Up Solution to Moving


Moving is stressful regardless of whether you’re moving an office, a home or apartment. Inevitably, people find they have too much stuff or that some stuff physically won’t fit in the new place. The Lock Up understands that and goes the extra mile to ensure that your move, however big or small, is quick, easy and relatively painless. Read on to learn how The Lock Up Self Storage can help you during a move.

The Lock Up has storage units that will fit nearly anything you can imagine. Have an RV that your new apartment complex has no space for? No problem at The Lock Up. Moving into a two bedroom from a four bedroom and don’t want to part with the extra bedroom sets? At the Lock Up, you can rent units that can store one room of furniture up to an entire home. Worried about your sensitive collection of vintage records? The Lock Up’s climate controlled units will ensure that your vinyl will sound as good as the day it was pressed when you play it again.

Moving your items into a storage unit couldn’t be easier at The Lock Up. Every new tenant gets to use the free move in truck. And once you arrive at the loading dock, there are always plenty of sturdy hand carts that can tote your boxes and bags up to your unit. Also, most facilities that are in areas prone to inclement weather have either covered or indoor loading docks that will protect you and your goodies.

Having stuff delivered to your new abode, but won’t be around to receive it? You don’t have to worry whether your new neighborhood is safe enough for deliveries to be left on your doorstep. Just have them sent to your Lock Up unit and they’ll be waiting there for you the next time you stop by.

The Lock Up strives for ease of use as well as convenience. Most Lock Up facilities are located in areas that are main thoroughfares so that a trip to your self storage unit can become a routine part of your life, not a huge hassle.

Visit today to secure a unit for your big move.



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